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Living in Bliss

By April 18, 2008Blog

Yesterday was an amazing day. I was literally living in bliss all day…what an exceptional experience! Love was coursing through me, love from my beloved, from everyone I met, from the universe, from me. Joy was ever present in my cells, dancing and playing, my whole body felt as if it was glowing and was expanded and light. Colors looked luminescent and trees and clouds and everything I looked at was as if it was multi layered, multidimensional, vibrating.

I believe we are supposed to experience this everyday. I believe we are these powerful creators, who have chosen to be here. I believe that the only thing we have to do is SLOW DOWN and RELAX. If we would change our minds and believe that we have the power to change the world, indeed the universe with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, we would experience this bliss daily. It’s all inside us.

We have a choice, most everyone believes that at some level, free will. That ability to choose means we can believe life is hard and nothing goes right for us, or we can believe life is wonderful and full of exciting adventures, wonderful opportunities and amazing people.

I am sure you have heard of “being in the “now”, oprah and eckhart tolle discuss it every Monday night on her world wide web event discussing his book “a new earth”. He is also the author of “the power of now”. He takes age old concepts and spiritual traditions and practices and simplifies them into concepts that you can apply.

Being aware and present to what we are doing in every moment is so powerful. Yesterday it was as if time slowed down, and my mind was not thinking, just being. Just being in this almost goofy, blissful state that felt like a giant inner smile!

Yesterday is now my pinnacle my goal, to access that level of bliss and enjoyment of life daily. The more you notice the moments of joy and bliss, the better you can recreate them attract them, and access them. I am so appreciative that I got to experience this state of joy and presence.

Today, I woke up and found an e card from my beloved. He sends me cards from all the time. It is so amazing to be in love with someone so appreciative and expressive. It adds to my ability to access bliss and joy and belief in the well being of life. I wanted to share what the e card said with you.

“You show me dew drops and I have diamonds

You being me wildflowers and I have orchids

You hold my hand, And my whole being loves you…

I hope you know how much having you in my life means to me,

And how deeply I’ll always love you”

Elaine Reese

INSPIRED ACTION: So my wish for you today is that you feel like this about someone and they feel like this about you. And if you don’t , start believing you can and ask and look for it. And if you do, tell them how you feel, not just today, but everyday. The more you share how you feel, the more that wonderful feeling will take over your life and permeate into other areas. Tell the people you love how you feel and thank them for enriching your life. They will respond and you can live a blissful day too…today and a little more each day.

Choose to Believe…this is how everything is created… until you will find it is more common for you to be BEING, not thinking, LOVING, not judging and RECEIVING, not denying.

Most people live in their heads, the thoughts constantly racing ,the feeling they need to always be ‘accomplishing’ something. You only need to be, and you can do that no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Thank you for being here, for being you:

“I hope you know how much having you in my life means to me”…

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