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Don’t hesitate to live your dreams, it’s more than worth it

By April 23, 2008Blog

Today I have some inspiring lyrics to inspire and uplift you. I encourage you to take these to heart, they may be simple or seem cliché, but they resonate with the truth and this is how we are meant to live our lives. Go live your life now…

“Don’t hesitate to live your dreams, it’s more than worth it…

If you know what you want to be…

Why wait, now is the right time, it’s your turn, it’s your life,

the future is what you make, so why wait?

Don’t hesitate’ll just pass you by

You’ve got to reach out, the world is in your hands,

You just have to go for it

I know you know how, you’ve just got to go for it

Take a chance

Why wait? You’re ready to do this, No way you can ever be stopped

Why wait? Now is the right time

Why wait? Tomorrow can be so far away, you’re already here

Why wait? You’ve just got to let go…

You’ve go to believe in yourself all the way

You know that you’ve got what it takes, so why wait?

From “Why Not” by Belinda