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Are health issues a sign to do less, enjoy and acheive more?

By April 28, 2008October 3rd, 2020Blog

my friend, Joe Vitale, had a health scare. He went to the doctor and had an EKG. In his words “I passed but need to do less and relax more and THAT will be a challenge.” I am sharing my email to Joe below.

Well, I was going to tell you about my most wonderful, delicious,long weekend celebrating my beloved Chris’ birthday. If you follow me on twitter, (my twitter name is JoyfulNan), you have heard some of it already. I will tell all tomorrow, now I want to talk about Joe and working a lot.

I know what he means, I spent most of my life working hard, long hours and never thinking it was enough. I was raised to think that was virtuous, hard work. At least I did what I loved. But even though there was success, it never lasted or was satisfying in the end. About 2 years ago my world began to de-construct, the stress was intense, I ended up in the hospital undergoing test after test, I could not eat. I was in constant pain. I made a conscious intent to not do that anymore. No matter how worried I became about money or being worthy based on what I “accomplished” that day, I stopped myself. whenever the impulse came over me to run around and madly try to do something, make something happen, I would patently refuse.

Instead I would meditate, walk, think about something i love, sit in my yard and talk to my loved ones. Then I would take an action if and when I felt Inspired to do so. It has taken a long time, but bit by bit, I relaxed more and found that what I did had more power, more joy and more results. We are so conditioned to think we have to work all the time, it is a difficult mental shift at first. I hope you will do it before you have a health scare.

Here is what I wrote to Joe:

Hi Joe,
glad to hear you’re well. I encourage you not to think of “doing less’ as a bad thing!
I was a workaholic for years. I get more results now, by not having an agenda packed with tons of things to do, and have more joy now by doing less. I am more in the moment and the level of appreciation and the intensity of sensations is multiplied 1000x. When I choose to do less, I achieve more.
When I create from my expanded spiritual self, I stay more focused and “inspired” thoughts, ideas and actions come through me more. Then I follow through on those, but never to the exclusion of enjoying the people and things I love. I truly believe that my complete focus in the moment and my high level of appreciation of what I am doing at that moment gives it more power than any amount of “hard work” or long hours.Lining up my energy with what I want is more powerful to me than 100’s of hours of physical work. (I can see the results too!). Doing less can be highly satisfying and inspirational, you may be amazed what comes thru & to you!

Don’t misunderstand… I had to “unlearn” the doing a lot thing, it was a habit. It has taken about 1.5 years. I am enjoying the new life so much better, I sleep better, I feel better, I have more energy , and I am happier! Wonderful people and experiences show up in my life and I am almost always looking around at my life now, saying “I love this moment, I love this moment!”, and relaxing into it, deeper. This brings more possibilities into my reality, effortlessly.
You have the tools, see it as an adventure. I often tell myself “I am creating the most awesome life through joy, fun and loving what I do, and I will be an example to the world that it IS possible” Join my “create through joy experiment”! Lots of love and I see you as “already healed”…
Nan Akasha
Bring your senses alive with multi media tools to empower, inspire, transform…expand your heart, live your dream!
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Let your inner sun shine, shape your life with Joy!


  • Ligia Buzan says:

    Dear Nan–

    So many stories– where to start? What you describe is absolutely, perfectly true–and so dificult to grasp– since social conditioning is too deep.

    During a shamanic trip– I had asked the same question that most in the circle of my “happening, entrepreneurial” friends would have asked: how do I change the world??– and then fired question after question with impatience,”what is the meaning of my life” “what comes next” etc. The shaman placed me in trace wanting for me to find my own answers. What I saw during the trance stunned me: “Do Less” (literally)was the answer– Well since, to my surprise, I AM doing less and becoming more (financially included). Still impatient from time to time– (in this society relapse is expected) I came across across the book: “Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go: Reflections on the Teachings of Zen Master Lin Chi” Truly cuts through the illusion of busyness– And of course, there are many other signs..

  • We are not Human Doings – we are Human Beings…. So the question I always ask myself is – Ellie what are you Being right now?

    Inspired action is action that comes from within – from my passion – my soul — whenever I come from that – I am Being Ellie – and so even if I am busy – I never feel tired – never feel rushed – it all just flows…

    And when I start feeling anxiety, rushed, sick – I know I am no longer Being – I am Doing….

    Dis-ease is just that – my ease has been disrupted – not a big deal and I don’t believe it means I have to Do Less – what it really means is I have to Be More