work, health, happiness…what is your “why”?

By May 1, 2008Blog

I have been discussing stress, work, health, relaxation, doing less, being more, finding happiness.

What is your “why?” Have you ever considered why you do what you do?

Is it just habit, or because everyone else does it? Is it because you beleive you have no choices? Unfortunately most of us we are not taught to follow our inner guidance, seek being happy, do what we love. What happens as we grow up? We begin to feel responsible to do what others think we should do. We want other to approve, be proud, and so we begin to follow other people’s paths, not our own. The longer we focus and live like this , the more out of touch with who we really are we get. In this way, we can’t ever find true satisfaction, so we keep going, looking for fulfillment outside of ourselves.

So many people today feel like they are on a treadmill. Doing, doing, doing, and feeling like it is never enough. WHY? Not many people I meet have ever stopped to think Why they do what they do. Stop right now and think about it for only one minute. Do it….do you know why, really, down deep why you are doing the things in your life?

What I learned years ago was that we do things for reasons we are not even aware of. When we stop to really look at why, it usually starts with superficial answers like: ‘I have to pay the bills’, or ‘that’s what you are supposed to do’, or ‘I have to have a job to support my family’. You actually have to uncover layers of these kind of ‘reasons’, to get to the real one. I am talking about the reason you are here, why you want to live her, now, and what, in the end, will make you truly satisfied.


Find your ‘Why?. Write down what you think your why is; the reason you go to work, want to write that book, want to make money, are going to school. The reason why you do anything and everything.

What is the reason to do this? It will give you untold clarity! You will not only begin to connect more authentically with your true self, and your real desires, but you will begin to easily sort and sift through your life and see what is truly important to you. What has meaning, what ignites your passion, what turns you on. Then you will find it easier to begin to ‘do less and achieve more’, like we have been talking about all week.

When you line up with your true self, you allow the energy of the universe to easily flow through you. Then you are truly the creator of your own world. You can choose your possibility from the sea of all possibilities all around you.

Keep doing this, till you uncover a real reason, one that resonates so deeply within you, that you know you would do it under any circumstances. Want a real good question to ask yourself to test your “why”? Try this: “Would I still believe this reason to be the ultimate if you found out you were dying in one month? Would you still do it, believe in it, or would it fall away as unimportant?”

Please leave your ‘why’ here in the comments, and anything else you want to share. Would you be interested in more guidance on how to find your ‘why’?