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Choosing powerful beleifs about money

By May 6, 2008Blog

What we believe about money, wealth, riches, rich people and anything to do with cash has a huge affect on our lives. Because we live in a world that uses money, we have had other people’s ideas, emotions and fears about money all around us since birth. We have taken many of these on, and now it’s time to let them go and choose what you want to believe about money.

Choose positive, powerful beliefs about money.

Changing how you think and feel about money is vital to creating the life you deisre. If you have successfully managed to create as much money as you want, you do not have to conintue to work hard and a lot of time for it, and you are happy with the factthat you have it, then you are doing well. For the rest of us, however, there is much to change.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. Write about them, meditate on them, then use some of the empowering statements of limitless potential ( like affirmations) below. This is SOOO worth it, when you find peace, ease and joy around the subject of money, your life will flow in miraculous ways!

1. How you beleive money comes to you? (This includes what you think you have to do, if anything for money to come to you, and how much you have to do and so on)

2. How do you feel about money? (Are you happy about it? Do you feel comfortable and excited and expectant about money?, do you think it is bad/good, do you resent or admire wealthy people, do you feel you deserve money, do you think if you have it, someone else can’t have it and have guilt?…)

3. Are you open and receptive for money to come and stay in your life? (If you have negative feelings about this, or doubt it in any way, them the answer is no. If you fear success or failure, or think if you get it you will lose it, this is an important area to address)


~ Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources.

~ Money is energy , I am energy , I am a natural match to money.

~ I am worthy of wealth just by being me.

~ All the money I desire comes to me now, easily and effortlessly.

~ The Universe is my ally, bringing me all the riches I desire now.

~ I have more than enough cash for whatever I want to do

I believe that life is to be lived, now, not later. I believe that there is enough of everything for everyone.
To everone’s abundance….in joy, welath, health and most if all love!