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Do your loved ones support your money dreams and goals?

By May 8, 2008Blog

Examining the way we feel and think about money is very eye opening. If you have tried some of the simple exercises I gave this week, you will have begun to see what you truly beleive about money. Pretty enlightening eh?

Another aspect of changing your mind and beliefs that I was thinking about today is having people around you that support your goals and dreams. Because no two people think the same about anything, the best you can do is find like minded people to support you in your desire to change and empower yourself. Believe me, I know very well what it is like to live with someone who does not support you. It can be depressing, challenging and make your path to change seem harder when the ones who you feel should love and believe in you do not.

“Few things can be as discouraging as when someone whose opinion matters to you belittles or discourages your goals … if you allow it to be discouraging.” says Hale Dwoskin of the Sedona Method.


Let go of others opinions, and feel your feelings fully.

This is realy 2 things. First of all, if you do not take what anyone else thinks or says personally, you are on a path to a joyful life of happiness! In reality veryone is in their own worlds and they care about themselves. What they say and do to you, is actually about them, not you.

This does not mean it is easy to ignore it if they are mean or discouraging, and you do not have to be with anyone who does not respect and support you for who you are. So the next step is:

Feel your feeelings fully, then they will dissapatea dn have no more power over you. This means if it hurts you and you feel mad or sad, feel it. Fell the emotions fully, then let it go. It will have run it’s energy out because you did not resist it and then you can let it go and choose a new feeling.

The next step may be to re-think the relationship, but for now, just begin to empower yourself and do not let your emotions control you, remember you are a powerful being and you can choose what to feel, think, believe and do!

When it comes to money, many relationships end over it, many business partnerships fall apart over it. So beginning with deciding to choose powerful and empowering money thoughts and then believing and supporting yourself in sticking to what you have chosen is a great start.

Then get out there and find like minded people. They are there is you look! Go achieve your biggest dreams! You are a money magnet!


P.S. Exciting news!!! I am putting together a tele-seminar in June with Amy Grant. We will be showing you amazing, effective and fast ways to clear your non serving money believes and well…hang on, we’ll be letting you know more soon. We will be having a free preview call in a few weeks too.