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Spirit of Money

By May 12, 2008Blog

What is the “Spirit of Money” to you? Money is energy, and so are we. I am exploring what it means to be connected, aligned with the spirit of money with Amy Grant of We are creating an amazing tele seminar to explore how to release your negative money beliefs and tne in to the spirit of money.

Here are some things to consider, let me know what you think!

ASK YOURSELF: “If I embody the spirit of money, I am in harmonious alignment with it, how would it express in my life?”

1. money coming to me from all place, directions, expected and unexpected
2. money flowing easily, with no emotional attachment, except gratitude/appreciation, into my life, bank account,
3. NO worries in any way about money, it has no emotional reaction in me anymore, except happiness/appreciation

Vibrating wealth!