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What if money appeared instantly and consistently!?

By May 13, 2008Blog

Yesterday I talked about the “Spirit of Money”, and the tele seminar I am co creating on it. Embodying the spirit of money is fascinating.

Here are some more of what came to me:

ASK yourself: “If I embody the spirit of money, I am in harmonious alignment with it, how would it express into my life?:

4. A feel of ease, natural, a belief that “of course money flows to me easily and effortlessly, it always does, I expect it”
5. I do what i love, what makes me happy and feel good, what my inner guidance lights up to and simply KNOW the money will flow in
6. Money appears instantly and consistently, there is no time barrier to money and it takes no special effort to attract and receive it

Statement of limitless potential: Money is a positive , powerful energy in my life.

Tune into the vibration of wealth with joy!