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How does it feel to embody the Spirit of Money?

By May 14, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

Continuing the discussion of the essence of the Spirit of Money and how it would feel and show up in your life.

More answers to the question:

“If I embody the spirit of money, I am in harmonious alignment with it, how would it express in my life:

7. I am always open and receptive to money, I hold the thought patterns that  money loves me, i love money and we are a match. I am an excellent receiver and so money flows, grows, and glows (with energy ) around and with me.
8. I am friends with money, it is a natural part of my life to have more money then i need and so i bless money anytime i see or feel it,coming or going, paying or receiving because it is the flow that keeps the energy moving and energy likes movement, and money is energy
9. I give money it’s respect/appreciation/attention because anything i want in my life I give attention to, in a loving, happy way.
10. Money opportunities are all around me at all times, to receive it (make), to invest (grow) it, to share (give) it and to create…I see the possibilities all around me at all times

Beliefs I now choose: I feel at ease with money.    Money is a natural part of me and my life.

Invite the Spirit of Money into your life!

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