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Parenting Law of Attraction Style

By May 20, 2008Blog

You will want to get in on this free tele class on parenting law of attraction style! There’s still time to sign up for my friend Rhonda
Ryder’s Teleseminar happening tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21.
Rhonda is the founder of where they help
parents share The Law of Attraction with kids and teens.

This is a totally f.ree Teleseminar called, “Parenting: Law of Attraction Style”.

She’s interviewing four Experts/Law of Attraction Moms

and offering an incredible Gift Bonus JUST for signing up

(see below for details about the Bonus).

Find out more by clicking on his link. . .

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn on the Teleseminar:

How to Raise Your Child’s Confidence by Helping Her

Make a Few Adjustments To Her Handwriting

**Marcia Gervase – Handwriting Analyst**

How to Teach Your Kids How to Meditate

**Nan Akasha –**

How to Lead By Example Even In Hard Times

**Amy Starr Allen –**

The Benefits of Learning From Other Like-Minded Parents

**Rebecca White –**

This is going to be an absolutely power-filled call

filled with actions you can start applying RIGHT

now in your family.

DATE: May 21


END TIME: 8pm EST (5pm PST)

There will be a replay call if you can’t make it, but you’ll

have to sign up now to get on the Replay List (and get
the Bonus).

Sign up by clicking here:

To your spiritual growth,

Nan Akasha

P.S. Special Gift Bonus just for registering for the call:

An mp3 download of a 40-minute interview with Law of Attraction Coach

and Speaker, Anisa Aven of Many people are

registering JUST to get access to this incredible interview that’s only being

offered during this Teleseminar.

One Comment

  • Lucy Ryan says:

    I am so delighted that someone is doing this! Just the other day, I was thinking ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone taught this to children’?
    Got to love that!

    who is cruising downstream to all her hearts desires yoooo hooooo