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Free Teleclass on the Spirit of Money

By May 20, 2008October 3rd, 2020Blog

Do you believe that your highest self wants you to have money? It’s true! Come to a free call on “The Spirit of Money” this Thursday and find out all about it! Click here to save your spot…remember it’s free…!

Lately I have been knee deep in the most fascinating information…new ways of seeing, feeling and being with money! The “voice of Money” has been coming through and it has been such an expansive and exciting experience.

Like I have been discussing in the last week or so of blogs, clearing our old money beliefs and recognizing what we believe and what we feel are direct reflections of how money shows up n our lives. It’s amazing when you start to really get that money is just energy. Energy and you actually, literally are the causative effect of creating money in your life.

You let it in, let it grow, let it play and let it go. Want to know why? Want to know how? Want to release those old, unserving beleifs and find a whole new way of being with money?

Well come to the FREE teleclass we have on Thursday May 22, 9PM Eastern. Yes, it’s free, and Amy , my co creator of, in this adventure and I are going to give real juicy, eye opening and life transforming information!

Here’s some of what what Amy says about it: “Well, for starters, Nan and I are both receiving information directly from The Voice of Money, and the info we’re getting will trip you out. This is definitely NOT one of those classes you take for the purpose of affirming what you always suspected to be true.” See the rest of her blog here.