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Love coming out of you makes you happy

By June 9, 2008Blog

In a card deck form Louise Hay, there is a card that says

Love Coming out of you Makes you happy” and on the other side it says:

“The whole world can love you, but that love will not make you happy. What will make you happy is to share all the love you have inside you. That is the the love that will make a difference”

Love is a vibration, like everything. All is energy, harmonic frequency and vibrates at a unique rate to “BE” what it is.

The same with us, when we tune in to ourselves and FEEL (vibrationally) our own particular, unique and powerful vibration, we ca begin to sense other vibrations. The beauty in this process, is, it is so expanding and brings you into such fine tuned awareness, that you become totally in the moment without even trying. being in the moment is where we are meant to live, and when we do there is no fear, no uncertainty, just fully aware senses and choosing them along the way…BLISS!

Your “real” :authentic self is awesome, it is standing on the brink of all that is and about to explode into all you most desire….you are be-coming the wealthy, sexy, successful healthy, being that you are! Step in to the vibration of your world, notice the feelings, be aware of the sensations, tune in…to your energetic body and how the vibrations of love, joy, health, wealth and adventure feel like. Reach out with your senses to them, perceive, invite, infuse, live in. them

I am going to do group vibrational Coaching…how to tune in to your and all other vibrations and create your world thru energy alignment, not hard work! Watch for it!!

Also look for “Money Coaching”

Vibrating Love, Nan