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Everytime you look… things change

By June 10, 2008Blog

“Here’s the thing about the future, every time you look at it, it changes, And that, changes everything else!”

from the Movie,”Next”

You create your own reality, moment by moment, In every moment you sample, taste and choose, what is around you. You make decisions about what you like and dislike based on life experience. All possibilities exist all around you at all times. Your choices are infinite, your personal power to make the choices and live the life you desire are limitless.

When you live from an “inner powered” space, your life flows and you are aware of the world as a sea of energy that is teaming with opportunites! your inner power is the ability to change YOUR life, not anyone else’s. When you accept responisblity for your life and begint o choose what you want, and let other people’s opinons and actions go, you can make changes in yoru life with great joy and speeed.

You affect everything you see, think about and notice. Thus you are able to direct the energies that make up the Universe, your body and your life. Youa re not your mind, your mind, willpower and working hard do not change things, inner knowingness and energetic alignment changes things.

So as you observe and then participate in your life think about how you change your ‘future’, your experience each and every moment you are awake. What, then, do you want to change it to?