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Emotional Freedom with Money

By June 12, 2008Blog

Ever heard of EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique? It is a highly effective clearing method that uses acupressure points and statements to release built up emotional blockages and issues. It works so well in fact, that I have had miracles happen to me, clients and friends right in front of my eyes!

I have used EFT with clients and have had so many requests for help with Money issues that I am creating a “Money EFT” product that will include a video on how to use it, a manual with photo’s of all the positions and scripts for releasing issues most people have around money. I am developing this product with my beloved and partner, “the prosperity guy”, Chris Sherrod (who, BTW, makes the most amazing websites and helps you market them). We are always “working on ourselves, moving forward on our spiritual and personal paths, empowering ourselves, clearing old patterns that we realize keep us from our full potential. We are always expanding our minds, opening our hearts and raising our vibrations. To me, that is my primary purpose, everyone’s really, moving forward within yourself has more power to change the world than any politics, protests or wars …PERIOD!

I want to give you an example of how fast this can work! In creating this, we did a session yesterday with Chris. I have my own unique way of utilizing EFT than just the traditional ways, and so we did a session and closed it with a round of EFT on the emotions around feeling like you “deserve money”.

After we ended, Chris showered and got ready to leave for an appointment. Just before he left he checked his email, and voila! He had in invitation form a BIG client to submit a proposal for a very lucrative job!!!! THAT;S HOW FAST THIS CAN WORK!

Later I asked him “did you see how fast that worked?”, he responded “Yes, I was thinking that, it’s almost spooky!”…and he checked when the email was created and sent , and it was right as we were doing the end clearing on beleifs in the session!

Now, you can decide to disbelieve that what we were doing had anything to do with what happened. You can choose to poo-poo it and say, well, that’s just a coincidence. But personally, I know better. I see this kind of magic daily, and for years now. I know that energy alignement is the ONLY thing that makes anything happen, no matter how it appears on the surface! No one has anything in their lives or experience unless they have lined up their energy. It may be subconscious, but there must be a matching of frequencies, just like tuning in to a radio station, in order for you to experience anything yourself.

Think about that and what you have and do not have. Is it time to suspend YOUR disbelief and see what energy clearing and alignment can do for you?