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Can you make things transparent?

By June 19, 2008Blog

Want to rid yourself, your emotions, your energy field and your life of unwanted experiences, situations, people? Well, you know you can’t try to resist them…it gives it more power, and you know you can’t fight against it, because anytime war is declared on something , it gives it energy and power and it gets bigger!

So how do you let go, release, remove what you do not want from your life experience without creating more of it and suffering more?  Let it become Transparent!

Allowing what you do not want, what does not serve you to become invisible, or  Transparent to you, involves no resistance, no pushing or fighting against! It softly allows you to switch your focus as well as allowing that energy/person, emotions…whatever, to move away in grace and with ease.


Release attachment to that which you do not want, and allow it to become transparent to you!

If things that disturb or upset you, have an emotional charge for you, or in any way create/attract, cause you to focus on what you do not desire in your life are bringing you results you do not want, decide now to take back the power you gave them.

You do this by changing your belief, choosing a new thought, adjusting your feelings about the subject, and do not give it power with negative emotions.

Let it literally FADE AWAY..into the background of your life, give it no attention, no focus, no energy, and definitely no emotions…and it will begin to fade into nothingness, become transparent to you!

In this way you are not struggling, fighting, adding to it;s power, you are simply “letting go”, allowing it to disappear in your reality.

Remember you are the creator of your reality and as such, you get to choose what you focus on, tune in to and give energy to. If something has no energy or attention, it fades and “dies”…don’t feed what you do not want, and you will be free to give your energy to what you do want, while all else simply floats away in a  non resistant cloud!

Now tune in to the concept of letting it become transparent to you.

Have fun!


  • Bren says:


    This little Blog was quite informative.

    I really liked the ‘step by step’ suggestions on how to ‘let go’ of things…

    I have often been told by people of knowledge to do just that, yet, when I asked them HOW do you do that? they would mumble, cough and whatever saying absolutely NOTHING regarding HOW to do the ‘letting go’.

    I have been enlighten…joy to the Universe for bring your blog across my desktop…..

  • Chris says:

    Giving “it” no attention really does work for me. I simply forget it and move forward. – Chris Sherrod