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Are you Highly Sensitive?

By June 23, 2008Blog

I have a highly sensitive child..better as she gets older, ( she was sensitive to noise, tags and seams in her clothes…much more). I have always had allergies and am very sensitive to smells and things on my skin, chemicals etc. I also have focused on raising my vibration for so many years that I often blow out street lights with my energy! I also de-magnetize hotel keys and other cards and sometimes put electronics on the fritz.

Do you have these experiences?

I have clients that have these and much more, much worse sensitivities, sometimes very debilitating. I wanted to share something I told a client recently, and thought it may interest you and help. You do not have to have serious issues to use this idea, in fact it works well for any blockages you get.

Remember you are an energy system, your body is an energetic structure held together by sacred geometry, light and it’s all vibrating at different rate in order to create and maintain the structure that is you. Since it is all energy, when we are highly sensitive to anything, we have blocked energy, we are not tuned in to our own highest and best vibration (fear). We are out of sync so to speak.

Here is a suggestion to help:

high sensitivity  usually stems from being very tuned in as a child to spirit and not being around an environment that melds with it and supports that free connection and expression. So you close off your openness, then it creates blocks. knots, in your energy channels, that prevent free flow. I feel that seeing, feeling and meditating on “flow” helps. Allowing divine energy to flow freely to and thru you is empowering, energizing and cleansing. Concentrate on being a conduit that does not take on , but simply allows energy of any kind to flow thru you, easily and painlessly.
I would also clear the belief in what anyone ever told you …like you have a condition or disease, or you are “too sensitive” ( I heard this one constantly form my mom, it really makes you shut down and hide) anything ‘they’ told you you “have”. It is a label that has been given meaning which gives it power and life-force, and has no purpose to serve you in a positive way. Unfortunately the medical community does not understand that we are fluctuating, changing energy systems and so when they test us, they get inaccurate readings because it is only a snapshot of a moment in time, and may not be at all what we usually vibrate. In any case, releasing the belief that you have this condition will be a huge step in letting it go. Remember what you believe in you give power to, so shifting to some thought pattern like” I am an electro-magnetic being of light and energy that shifts and ebbs and flows. I am now a clear and open channel for just the right energies to move to me and through me and I only keep what supports my health and well being and all else slides easily from me, moving on to other venues”

Also spending a few minutes daily or as often as you can quietly tuning in to your body, noticing where you fel pain, heaviness, or any other unpleasant sensation, then allowing your attentions to it be like a laser, clearing it away and watch or feel it fade away. Tuning in to how your body feels, is an excellent start to tuning in to your vibrationa nd learnign how it fels and being able to alter it with ease.
Hope that helps!

Have a sensational day …tune in to life!