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Are you made of light or dark?

By July 1, 2008Blog

“You are separate from darkness, because it is the absence of something, it is a vacuum… Light, however, envelopes you, so you can be/are a part of it”
Sunshine” The Movie

Do you know you are light? Energy is what makes up all tings in the universes, even thoughts consciousness and light. So you are literally light. And, well, the light always wins, you know, there really is no dark. There is only a blocking of, covering of light.

This is great news! Because all you have to do is allow yourself to shine, it is a passive, yet powerful “action”…really not an action at all. It is a :being”…being what you are, who you are, truly, is letting the energy that you are to flow to you, through you and from you...out to make the world you move in.


BE your true self, let your inner sun shine…

So really , it is simple, it is a releasing of trying, or working hard to become, to achieve, to gain approval, there is no need for any of that. Just BE…be who you are.

As you melt in to the loveliness of your energy, the soft strength of your beauty, the fluid nature of your beingness, you will float  in the light that is you. WHat is light, what does it feel like, what qualities does it have…well same as you:

Brightness, nurturing, bringing life, opening (eyes, minds, flowers, hearts), warmth, beauty, stimulation, creativity, happiness, joy, expansion, …and so much more…

You are the most brilliant being, and divine energy courses through you at all times, you chose to come here and shine, share and grow your light.  Nothing can stop you, well…only one thing can dampen your brilliance, cover your brightness, slow your flow…YOU.

Hmmm…it’s your decision to let your light shine and inspire and enjoy it, and you do this by choosing to feel good, love yourself, be in the moment, feel the sensations of the energy field that is you.

Feel that you are the source energy that flows through your form, and not your form. Feel the waterfall of amazing liquid light that is you pouring in through you, into the vortex of creativity that you are. As you do you will become aware…awaken to the beauty of you, of the moment, of the feelings.

You will be aware that you drive your body, and your thoughts, they do not drive you. It;s a choice, and it starts with a small step in to you…one moment at a time!

One Comment

  • MORGAN says:

    Love to know how to do this transformation. I know for sure , we are LIGHT , but for reason out of my control , my life has been filled with darkness , I’ve been fighting this mental wrap and I haven’t been successful, I’m exhausted ( honest!) So I need help , if you are out there and listening to my cry , please…..
    Nan thank you so much for your notes to me , they are full of wisdom .