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Why your visions & money energy haven’t merged yet

By July 2, 2008July 3rd, 2008Blog

I have been talking to a lot of people about their dreams and lining them up with the energy system we call money. Recently a woman in my Spirit of Money class asked some questions and here is my answer

“Nothing you discover about what you have been doing, thinking or not lining up with is to feel bad , guilty or mad about! It is just the journey, there are no mistakes, and so now you have shifted into a new awareness about money, you can see where you are better…and that is how change begins! Excellent!
The reason you feel your money dreams and visions haven’t merged with the energy system of money is, you didn’t know there was one, no one role modeled this for you and you were never taught that everything is energy and to go there first to line up what you want.
It is kind of like going to the shoe store to buy food and never being able to figure our why you never get to eat, and you keep getting grumpier and hungrier…most of us are never shown that tuning in to the energy system of who we are is the beginning of true bliss…so now you know, you can merge your money fantasies with the energy system of money!
When you stay as present as you can to yourself as this flood of energy pouring through your form/body, you feel a sort of non attachment to what you think and what your body does, and then you focus more on the energy pouring thru you at this amazing rate and how it comes in to you and then you are like this vortex, like a giant blender and you mix your visions and your energy and out it pops in to the world.
It is fun and like an unfolding, like a present being slowly opened to reveal something so wonderful, that you stay in the present moment just to be near it and feel it fully, then the next one begins to open, like a flower blooming, and you mere with that beauty and fun, and …you see how you string together these “now” moments and soon you are having so much fun in the now moment, savoring what you have created and what is blossoming within you, that you don;t have time to give any attention to worrying why you don’t have something, you are enjoying the process of creating and riding the waves of energy within you as you blend and mix and ebb and flow…it is a real dance and a ton of fun!
The same goes for the loved one, the workaholic, and so on, all that fades away when you tune in to the energy inside you now, and then invite something you want in and play with it till it births from you into the world you walk in.
You aren’t losing anything by letting go of the habits and thought patterns that held you busy while your life ran without your awareness…you are gaining the whole universe, it is all within you and you have the power, choice and vision to whip up any concoction you want, a sexy , fun mate, a stream of money while working from home, a group of like minded friends to play with…anything, just let go of the stuff that wants to leave, bless it, let it go and move in to the position we have all left vacant for too long, the captains chair!
GO get ’em!”