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How do you buy what you want when you really have no money?

By July 4, 2008Blog

I received this email and thought it would be helpful, almost all if us have had this thought, let me know if you have an other ideas…

I realize as I write this, that it is going to smack in the face of
‘Is this person for real?’….
Yes, I am for real…
I understand that in the concept of the Law of Attraction, one is not to
speak in the negative nor in a frame reference of lack…yet, if, in the
‘real’ world one does NOT literally have 3 cents to their name, not to
mention the $39.99 that it costs for one of your Top Products[Reboot Your
Inner Money Machine], how can one [me] create the money to get this product
so as to learn how to do exactly as the title suggests?
I am deadly serious!
I have a burning desire to Hear the voice of money, I just don’t have the
money to allow me to access the product….

Please advise…”


“an interesting and good question indeed!
I find that it is best to say “how can I ….” and then you create an opening to let the
answer, inspiration or opportunity to show up.
So  in this case it would be “how can I purchase this audio?”
then let ideas come to you…
I was at a seminar once and they did an exercise with the class, some people wanted to attend the next workshop and it cost several 1000 $. So they asked what you asked, and so the speaker had them come on to stage and asked them
this “If you knew you would die if you could not attend this seminar, what would you do?
You would put your energy to work to find a way to make it happen…so let’s make a list of 10 ways you could make it happen…”
It is very melodramatic, but it was very interesting to see the ideas the woman
and the audience came up with, everyone got really creative and ideas were pouring in.
It opens your eyes, widens your boundaries and lets ideas come to you when you ask,
“how can I…?” and then you open to the ideas.
I also like vision boards or seeing yourself doing or having what you want a few minutes a day.
I once had no money to travel and I really wanted to go to the beach, about a month or so later I got invited to speak at a hotel on the beach and they paid for the gas , hotel and food, so it was free!!
I loved and appreciated how wonderful it was that the universe gave me what I wanted in such a creative way,and then they invited me back the very next month!
Look for the miracles that are being offered!
Enjoy the moment!