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Anger…manage, supress or let loose?

By July 21, 2008Blog

How do you handle, approach or ‘feel’ about anger? I was taught it was ‘inappropriate’, so I always felt uncomfortable with it. I rarely had much, thankfully, but when things happened in my life, like my daughter dying, and I had anger, I had no idea what to do about it. In fact I felt worse because I thought I was doing something wrong by feeling anger, so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Over the years i have had many different perspectives on anger. Ignore it, avoid it, let it go and not deal with it, feel bad about it…on and on. Now I am choosing to disempower it (take back my power form it) by seeing it as “just a feeling” and nothing more. No judgement, no attachment, no pushing it away.

Those who hurt others only do so because they fear, they know not how to ‘control’ their own reality, their own thoughts and create their own happiness, and so they try to control, blame and hurt others.
The best we can be and do is to be totally ourselves, and love who we are, cherish our uniqueness and fully realize that we are beautiful, no matter what anyone else says or does.
Removing our focus from the pain, unfairness, hurt, fear and anger that others have and that we have in response to what others do and say, relieves the power.
Feeling the pain or anger fully, allows us to let go of resistance, which means that there are no ‘energy hooks’ in our system for the pain to cling to, attach to. Interestingly enough when we allow ourselves to feel the hurt, anger or fear, it moves, and then transmutes…it cannot cling to us if we do not have any emotion or reaction to it.
I have felt it difficult, in the past, to allow myself to feel these things, fearing that it would make it stronger, and create more pain. Now I realize, when i do not look at it, if I stay too “zen” and calm, letting go the hurt each time it appears, it never really moves on. I have let it deplete me, instead of depleting it.
I would rather let it move through me, feel it fully and then let it go, because then i can move beyond the anger, the pain the apprehension of “what next…?”
I can be more fully free if I allow myself to feel what i feel. I do not have to condone it, agree with it, like it or create any more of it. However, an emoiton is energy, and when we resist it, it does not move, it cannot transform into somehting else…which is what we want it to do.
Transform pain, anger, fear and guilt in to joy and love by allowing it to move through you, be kind and loving to yourself. Tell yourself you are wonderful, and do not add to the experience by feeling stpid or bad that you are feeling anger. Do not judge yourself, or anyone else involved. SImply feel what you feel, and then go do somethign loving and relaxing or fun for yourself.
Once we allow the energy of anger, powerlessness, injustice, frustration, fear of any kind to move through us, we are FREE to move in to any vibration we choose. CHOOSE!!! I love choosing for myself, don’t you?! Well I choose, right now, to always acknowledge my feelings, and experience them quickly and in the moment, so they do not grow, fester and cling to me. I choose to free up my energy I am giving to any negative emotion, person or past experience (or future feared one for that matter!) and I CHOOSE to use my full energy in fun, love, joy and adventure, kindness, creating, spreading light and laughter and self-empowerment!
Come join me now!!!
Love Nan