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illusions, problems and gifts

By July 22, 2008Blog

I am re-reading “Illusions” by (the guy who wrote ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull). It is a wonderful little book and it has been years since i read it. As usual it has wonderful insights for me!

Here is one quote that hit home for an issue I am dealing with personally at the moment:

‘There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in it’s hands… You seek problems because you need their gifts”

I have believed fo a LONG time that all situations have a gift in them. I was told once, after my daughter Jordan died, to ‘look for the diamond’ in the situation’. I always do. Sometimes it is easier than others to find it, sometimes there are many and they reveal themselves over time.

Perhaps you have a perceived problem at the moment, a challenge, and if you ponder on this it will bring you clarity as well. Look for the gift. It is why you created the issue in the first place.

Love the day and love yourself. It’s all an illusion anyway!


  • Hi Nan,

    I love that story too. Have you read A Bridge Across Forever? Same author and an incredible book about love. There is such simplicity in the truth, isn’t there?

    I went through a serious illness last year and it stopped my life cold for a year. People ask me if I see the gift in it. At first I said no but that it was a true shortcut to getting serious about the parts of my life that weren’t working. Especially about the parts of me that always put everybody first.

    I am grateful for everything these days. I hated going through parts of the last year, but I must say, it sure does give a turbo boost to the determination to have more pleasure in my life!

    Good luck to us all!

    May the Force be with us!


  • Nan says:

    I appreciate what you are saying! When my daughter Jordan died, I hated God, the world and everything. I would not wish that pain on anyone, and would I consciously choose it again? Well, no…HOWEVER< yes, I did come to see the gift in it, the gift she gave to the world was stunning and I was a part in it. It took me years to understand any benefit I personally gained from it. My husband changed immediately and found his life's passion, people were moved and touched by her, but In the end what I know is that anything we experience is an opportunity, for what, well that's our free will to choose. We can decide what to do with it, right? We can look deep within and see what we really want, who we really are and make that a priority versus putting everything and everyone else. It sounds like you discovered that. As a nearly life long people pleaser, I am now a firm believer in putting yourself first, always. Of course that needs explaining, perhaps I will blog on many people would hear that as 'be selfish, do not are about anyone else..." However we have so much more power, influence and joy to spread when we focus on what takes us on a path of joy than we ever, ever have living for others, denying who we are and not being in joy. I Send you much love and light, and see you finding more and more "diamonds" in your experience last year as you unfold the gifts remember, you wanted them, and now you get to do what you want with them, then look ahead and say "I wonder what wonders await me today?"! Love, Nan