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Are you willing to ‘lose’?

By July 24, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

Here is a quote from Neale Donald Walsh that got me pondering

..that you must be willing to lose it all before you can have it all.

What does this mean? It means that until you can let

go of everything, you will find it

hard to hold onto anything.

Detachment is the key. If you are so attached to

something that you are deeply unhappy without it,

then you are not simply attached, you are addicted.”

I am a big proponent of detachment, I learned it from cats…literally. I used to do animal healing, Tellington Touch and communication. I had a pet sitting business for 6 years till i sold it when my twins came along. It was a magical and transformative time for me. It was the beginning of my spiritual path.

I love animals, i had to close a business I had put my heart and soul in to and I was hurt that people would not pay you…it was my first life “deconstruction”. I left L.A. afraid of people and wanted to do something where I had minumum contact with people. I moved to New Mexico, I knew there was more to life than working all the time and being exhausted.(More on that another time…) back to detachment;

Cats have detachment as one of their ‘species qualities’. All species have certain qualities they express, like one of dogs is loyalty, easy to see, huh!? Well, the beauty of detachment (and the reason many people do not like cats), is that they are experts at not being attached. They can ask for what they want, they can want to be loved, fed, pet, played with, but on their terms. When they are done, they go off on their own. No attachments.

We would be so much happier if we were easily able to ask for what we want and yet not be at all attached to the outcome. It sounds odd, try it with a few minor things in your life. When you let go of how, when and if it is going to happen, even though you see and ask for it clearly ang with passion, you are happy all throughout the process. You stay happy whether it comes today or never. You feel happy because of what is inside of you, what you choose to feel and think. Not because of things outside of you.

Being willing to ‘lose’ it all, means you accept that everything is an illusion, always changing and there is always more & better available to you. Sometimes losing turns out to be the best thing that ever happened. Give it a chance, look for the ‘gift in the problem’s hands for you’ (that was my blog “Illusions, problems and gifts” the other day, read it by clicking here).

Tomorrow we will talk about KNOWING; knowing you know everything, can have anything, whatever you have asked for is on it’s way… because his is another key to staying happy and harmonic! As soon as you decide you really know you can have, be or do something, it is yours…right then!


  • Martina says:

    But what if its something like one’s house! I love the house that I live in but it is nearing to the point where I may lose it – its something that I do not want to give up or let go of!

  • Navaid says:

    Like most people when I first heard about the law of attraction, I got very excited and happy. I thought OK this is great finally I can be, do or have anything I want to be with the help of this great law. This is a long story and would not fit right here however, I would like to tell one thing to my readers that I had an understanding about this law since 1992. Back then I ended up reading an occult book that explained some of the phenomenon of supernatural powers and how you can possess them. This was my first experience about the law and since then I had been searching for the knowledge so that I can apply it in my daily life and achieve extra ordinary results in whatever I do. It took me almost fifteen years of reading and researching in finding the true method on how to really apply this law.

    In order to activate the law of attraction majority of people talk about three things:
    1) Ask
    2) Believe
    3) Receive

    For the sake of simplicity I am not going to discuss the above three since you can find tones of information on that on the internet. Above all, for most people I would say 95% plus this formula is simply not working anyways. I mean it works only up to the extent that one could have a feeling that yes something is manifesting and things are changing for the better. But then what happens? We usually see just a tiny change if lucky enough and then nothing major really happens.

    You see the problem with the above formula is that it protects itself by explaining that you must truly believe in what you truly want to receive. Hence it blames on the person him/her self by saying that “you did not believe in what you want” and hence you would not receive. In other words it completely puts the responsibility in the hands of the person who is trying to activate the law of attraction by saying” even though you think you believed but you did not since you might have a lot more conflicting thoughts that are counter attacking your positive thought to manifest your desire” Do you see my point? Hence this formula does not show us on how to eliminate negative thoughts so that we can only concentrate about the positive ones and achieve the results fast.

    When people say “Like attracts Like” in reference to the law of attraction, I am sorry to say that I strongly disagree. This is not true in my understanding and is one of the leading factors why the law of attraction works very little if any for most of the people. You see like never attracts. In fact like repels! Take any example for instance. A magnet attracts only opposite poles. Electricity only flows in the presence of two opposite terminals. Rivers only flow from high to low altitudes. Air flows from high to low pressure area. It is the opposites that attracts not like!


    This is where the Law of Detachment comes into play. Hence asking is great and believing in what you are asking is great but….. you can only receive when you detach your self from what you want is the only way of encountering the negative thoughts.

    Detaching simply means when you truly want something then detach yourself from the feeling that you want it at the first place. The opposite thought of having your desire come true. You see what I mean now? In other words you need to have a flow of energy to manifest your desire. This is only possible when your thoughts go into the detachment state of mind. Or I must say a state of mind where you want something for which you are not desperate to receive is the key to activate the law of attraction.

    So lets suppose you want a certain sum of money. Ask how much you want, believe that you can have it and it is possible for you to have it. When it comes to receiving part then you must detach yourself from the desperation of not having money. Feel that you have already received the money without feeling that you don’t have that some of money is the key to unlock the law of attraction!