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Design your life, your way

By August 5, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

I am on vacation, sort of…sound confusing? Well, I am creating my own reality and in the last few years have been very consciously changing my life and how it is structured and lived. This is what I commonly call “Designing your lifestyle“. I am writing a book on it with my beloved and co-designer of life, Chris. Let’s just say that we have let go of a lot of things that we felt were important in the past including possessions and so called security and stability, in favor of designing a lifestyle that includes mobility, fluidity and quality of life. Life of love and joy , so to speak.

If you have read the past few blogs you will see I have been having some issues while I am here, since I arrived here I have had strange bouts of depression, fear, worried feelings and this is not at all how I normally am. I was frustrated because I want to completely enjoy myself and be in the moment. I am so very aware these days that being in the moment, as completely as I am able to allow my senses be, is the key to not only joy, but manifestation. Allowing past issues, people and what they think and do and giving energy to any other thought that does not give us joy, keeps us form being fully present in the now.

Well, as I said I am what most would call on vacation, I was in Venice Italy when I started to write this, I am now in Paris. I get to stay for free and work from anywhere, so I get to enjoy being somewhere fun and also make money! The best of both worlds to me! What I have done is slowly created a life, a business and a way of living that allows me to travel as much as I like, almost anywhere, even for long periods of time, without a lot of cost, while still being able to run my business. It’s way cool.

I am spending 6 weeks in Europe; Paris, Venice and parts of the French countryside.   I want to be fully present and enjoy the places, people and experiences, and as I processed the past issue that came up, I came to an even more wonderful realization in my last blog (Have you-been-climbing-the-approval-ladder): I HAVE what I WANT right now!!!

Why did I not fully realize and experience what I knew I had and wanted? Well, what I have begun to sort out is that I still had repressed anger towards the people in my life who were passive aggressive, critical, judgmental, despite all the releasing work I have done. I have come very very far, and yet it still surfaced. My anger was partly due to the fact that i was pissed at myself for not having completely released this. I feel like I am able to live in such joy and connection to source so much of the time, I feel I ‘should’ not have to deal with this any more. Sound familiar to anyone? Well, details aside of all i have put myself through, I have realized a few things that I feel will benefit some of you who still deal with self worth issues. If we allow others to control us or care what others think, we block the energy flow that allows us to be present and fully enjoy the beauty of the moment. Whatever you feel you need to do to fully live your own life just the way you want to, no excuses, is exactly what you should do.

Now is the time to become fully aware of the amazing, beautiful, powerful, loving, talented beings that we are. We do not have to do anything, we only have to let go of the thoughts we have chosen that block our joy, our full ability to tap in to our energy, our senses and what we ahve already created. It is all around us!!!

1. When we allow what others think, or what they said or did to us, to affect how we feel, act and what we do, we are giving our power away. We cannot live life to the fullest and enjoy life if we are living for anythign outside of us

2. Fully feel yourself in the present moment. Tune in to the fullness, the ripeness of life right here and now around you. FEEL with your senses, and let your thoughts go.

3. As you tune in to the feelings, sensations and energeis that make up you, your body and your world, begint o merge with the best feeling ones, immerse yourself into the spirit of joy, any feeling that bring you an expanding sense of love.

4 Spend at least a few minutes a few times a day doing this, and you will be amazed at not only how peaceful you feel,  but how good you get at sensing your way, your decisions and huidance are not ion your mind, not in your thoughts…they are in your light bodym in your energy field.

5. Finally, pick one thing that you truly desire and have wantd for awhile, then tune in to the feeling of it and look around you, is it already present? Is it there but you have not seen it because it looks different than your mind told you it should? Is it in something you were not giving your fulkl attention to? Or did you know you had it, but not to the degree that it is really there, waiting for you to fully merge and experince it? Let go of anything that blocks your ability to tune in to the reality of you, you will be amazed and overjoyed!!!