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Life is a state of mind; can you walk on water?

By August 7, 2008Blog

I watched the wonderful movie “Being There” tonight, it has been years since i saw it. Loved it! It is so interesting on many levels, how what people perceive is totally there own creation. How simple trust and honesty guides you through life. How your mind creates what you live, perceive, experience and are able to do.

If you remember, Chance, the main character is simple mind and has no knowledge of the world except from what he sees on TV. He trusts, is quiet, honest and direct and in the ‘real’ world this is perceived as strong, deep, intelligent and confident. Interesting!

I like that since he has never ‘learned; to fear, worry about others opinions, strive to acheive and worry his needs will not be met, that his world rises up to meet him. He treats everyone with love and respect and gets that in return. He does what he loves and he says how he feels. He sees the beauty in everything and everyone and at the end he walks on water.

Why do you think he walks on water? Because he doesn’t ‘know’ = believe he can’t. To him anything is possible and he doesn’t ‘try’, he just does it. And when he realizes he is walking on water, he looks with curiosity and wonder and then simply keeps going. No doubt, not trying to rationalize or thinking ‘that can’t be’. While he is walking away on water, the last scene, someone says “Life is a State of Mind”.

I couldn’t agree more, What does that mean, why is is exciting? Because we get to choose our state of mind, we can change our state of mind and we can then create the life we desire. I have become so present to the fact that things can be right in front of you and yet we can still not see or accept them fully, therefore, we do not actually live that reality. Something can be yours already, and most of what we want IS, and yet if we have a state of mind that does not believe we deserve it, or has any thought pattern or belief system that does not agree with it, we will simply not experience it. It is only our state of mind that blocks or allows anything in to our lives.

SO , wow, how do we use that and change, alter, choose tour state of mind? Well, for starters I would begin to spend any amount of time you can find to empty your mind and just BE. Being in the moment, tuning in to the sounds, feelings, the silence, the breeze, anything that brings you out of your mind and in to your BE-ing ness.

Next when you are able to be calm and leave your mind, you can actually have an inner peace that swells with lifeforce, that teems with possibility. When your mind is not full of chatter, worry, fear, self doubt…you can choose, you can feel, you can percieve things any way you want.

Releasing. Next I choose to release what no longer serves me. You do not always even have to know what that is, just intend that and then feel it going. You know what you want, you just have to get rid of the thoughts and programs = beliefs that tell you you can;t have it, or it’s hard or you don;t deserve it, or anythign else that does not empower you to have, be and do what you want.

When you create a space inside you by letting go of your beleifs, you can make new choices, and maybe you just want to choose, right now, to be at peace, to be like Chance, and trust, see only beaity and empoty y our mind. Amazing things appear when you do.