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Your inner voice is whispering

By August 9, 2008Blog

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true” Illusions by Richard Bach

I have been urged for many months now by MY inner voice, to start a weekly post or email called “Your inner voice is whispering…” I am always tuning in deeper and deeper inside me, to feel the beauty, love, and guidance that is there. If everything exists simultaneously, and we are all one, divine and connected to source, then there is always what we want right in front of us.

So today, my inner voice asked me to tell you to listen to your inner voice. It is whispering to you all the time, it is ready to assit you, guide you and support you in anything you trult desire. Take time today, and each day, even if for only a few moments, to listne to your inner voice.

~Be still

~ Move your awareness out of your mind and in to your heart and body

~ Stay present to how you feel, inside, tune in to the vibrations that are moving through you

~ Now invite your inner voice to speak to you…and listen, wait…..just be still….

When you feel done, you may or may not have heard or felt or seen anything. If you did not, be aware that the answers and guidance can come from anywhere at anytime, so be open for your insights and guidance whereever you go.



  • Hi Nan,

    What an inspiration today! Last November I read a message from Abraham Hicks that challenged readers to a 21 day morning meditation of 15 minutes.

    I took that challenge on and learned a lot. First of all, I learned how tense my body was…all the time. I would just sit and breathe deeply and allow my body to relax.

    Many times I didn’t get big inner insights, but the feeling of full physical relaxation was intoxicating. At least I finally learned what it felt like to just be.

    I now get some insights but the Universe and my own Inner Being play with me and coax me in to the quiet receptivity that is my next evolution.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Abraham said that if we do this, our vibration will go up. It is working for me….try it!! It is not as hard as you think.

    Just sitting quietly, awake, with your eyes close is such a good exercise and always shifts me to a better feeling place!


  • Job Joseph says:

    Thank you