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the missing link is coming

By August 15, 2008Blog

As I meditated and connected to source while preparing for the first Spirit of Money group coaching class Thursday I got the most amazing download of information. A whole new way to see things, a whole new vision on why so many people do not experience the success they desire, even thought they “should” be (I do not like “should’s”, i used it there on purpose, for emphasis so you get it).

This is really cool stuff. I was shown that there is a reason that even when you clear something and it is out of your vibration, out of your body, physically, and any other way, you still may experience and live form the old pattern.

As I was getting it, and clarifying it, energy was running up and down my spine in ripples and I was seeing and feeling my sells shift . It is a cellular claering, a base level change that will change everything. All I knw right now is it IS the missing link.

So if you have been really tuning in to yourself and releasing the past and the crap, and cleaning up your thoughts, energy and life, and still don’t see the results you want, this will be the key that opens that final door! I can feel it.

It won’t take the place of what you need to be, feel think and do. It won;t do it for you. But it is magnetic, it is cleansing and it is going to sweep up the residue, shift your old habits and line you up to be what you have become. Receive it and live it, now!!

So now I am getting ready to take my girls to the beach before they start Junior School next week. I will get more and let you know when it is ready. I am excited, why not add your excitement to it too and it will be even that much better!

Thank you, I honor you and all you do. Enjoy the weekend, and each moment, Brethe in the fullness and expand!