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follow the luminescent glow

By August 18, 2008Blog

I immerse myself into my awareness, sinking deeply from my mind and into my heart

My awareness softly emerges, a glow around me, expanding out further and further, merging with the beauty, joy and power of the present moment

I easily follow the stream of well being, as my energy tunes in to the shiny, luminescent glow of the vibrations that match what I most desire,

I ride the waves of the now as I join each moment from a deep awareness that I am a part of it and I can tune in to the morsels of divine that are perfectly matched to me

As I feel my way into each moment , I stay in the feeling, and out of the mind, following the feelings that bring me joy, love, expansion, adventure, delight…

I know these, because I am fully in the moment, they are abundant and waiting for me to tap in and co create…

Each moment becomes fuller, richer, more juicy and delicious, as I stay tuned in to the nuggets of delight that the Multiverses spin …

I know just what gifts of light and energy to unwrap as I appreciate all I am, have, and experience each moment

This deepens the moment and I feel how rich the vibration is, I can bite it into it and suck the juice from it, and it continues to thicken in the most silky way

As I fine tune my focus to remain in the moment, logic and worry, fear and uncertainty fall away, that is the landscape of the mind, and the mind is for complexity, not for feeling and finding my path of joy,I bring it out when i can use it to enhance my life, and I put it away the rest of the time and i ride the waves of joy that are all around me

I choose to be in the NOW and to always follow the flow of joy

this is my inner guidance, showing me my way, and it is that way of magic and true life

My appreciation deepens and I feel the Multiverse step up to meet me, with a bright glow and a hiuge smile…my life is the best!