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Are you going to accept the good you are offered or not?

By August 20, 2008August 28th, 2008Blog

Louise Hay, she is a miracle! I really respect and love her, her book saved my life, and I plean to meet her, have her publish my books…she said to Joe Vitale’s trainer recently:

Louise offered him a book from her private library, he said “you don;t have to do that”. “I know I don’t have to do it”, Louise countered, smiling. “Are you just going to dismiss the good you are offered?”

How many times have we dismissed the good we are offered, consciousbly or not? how often have younot done, accepted or asked for whta you really want. How often has the Universe, God, your higher self…showed up with what you love on a silver platter and you said no? Or perhaps you were too busy worrying, feeling not good enough or even feeling sorry for yourself, that you never get what you want. Lost in memories or pain we are not int he moment, and we miss opportnites the Universe has lined up for us, over and over…

I know it has happened to me, never again though…how about you?

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  • Angelwitch says:

    I sometimes think that I concentrate so hard on what it is that I want to manifest – mainly financial – that I am just trying too hard – and I know that this makes it harder to manifest – but slowing I am learning about trust and faith, letting go and gratitude!