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You are so beautiful

By August 28, 2008Blog

I wrote this to my beloved, Chris, the other morning when I was up to take my kids to school and he was still sleeping. After the emotions of taking them to the first say of Junior school (I have twins girls) I came home and sat in the silence and felt my love for him as he slept. I wanted to share it, because in reality, this is true for us all.

So this is dedicated to all of you, thanks for listening and making the world a more a beautiful place!

“You are so beautiful, so full of light and life
Your beauty shines so brightly and enlightens me each moment you are near
Your love is so deep and soft, it encompasses me

like warm silk, wrapped around me and infusing me
Your smile fills my heart with joy,
Your kindness lifts me up and beings sunshine to my days
Life with you is so beautiful and you are the sun that fills it with your beauty
Bless you for sharing all you are with me, I am truly honored and grateful!”
All my love, Nan