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Build Your Faith in law of attraction

By September 2, 2008Blog
“Manifest Like a Believer: How to Boost your Results & Build your Faith in Law of Attraction”
That’s the name of a report I just finished. It will be available soon, but even better is I will tell you how to get it FREE in a week or so! In the meantime here is an excerpt:
Creating your own reality now

Welcome! We are going to explore how you create your own reality and how an easy to use tool can produce wonderful results! It is simple, easy and fun, and will open your eyes to things that have been infront of youall the time and hou never saw!!
Creating your own reality now means you are doing things all the time, as daily habits, that are assisting you in creating what you want in your life. No matter what you wish to manifest in your life. So whether what you want is a particular job, or business you want to start, or a certain income you desire, whether it is healing from a disease or finding a lover, buying a new house, or finding inner peace, you can do it with the right knowledge and tools. Knowing you are the Creator of your reality includes taking responsibility for everything that is in your life, how you feel, act, react and think. This may sound overwhleming at first, however, you are in control, you have the power to create what you want, AND un-do anything that no longer serves you. This includes starting to change your thought patterns and beleifs and so things like stop trying to control others, not empowering fear, and learning to realize that you choose to let anything or anyone make you feel angry, worthless or afraid. Creating your own reality means choosing each moment to be more joyful, to look for the good in your life and appreciate it. Whatever it is in your life that you want to create, you can, and this is one fun way to help you do that.

“Choose to see the best in all situations and begin to search for the gift in everything that shows up for you. It’s there.

In fact ALL possibililtes are always available to you at all times”

Nan Akasha