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Can you accept it and not know why?

By September 4, 2008Blog

People have been talking about the hurricane, other diseasters, how sad this and that is. I hear people with “good intentions” saying “can we change it, intervene, ask God or angels or send healing energies to change things?”. Nothing wrong with wanting to help, but do you know why you want to change what is?

Wanting things to be different, changing is natural, however, be sure you understand your intent. That is the power behind what you want to change.  Changing others because what they do , say or believe makes you feel bad, is not a good reason. You can’t control the things outside you, only you and what you attract. So no on is ever going to change enough to be what you want all the time and make you happy.
When perceived tragedy happens, tornados, floods, death, people let it upset them, i received emails saying “My heart is heavy…” well don’t tell me about it! Why would you choose that and then give it more power by telling everyone, writing it down and talking about it?!

Wanting to offer energy of love and compassion is great, however, trying to change a hurricane so ‘bad’ things don’t happen is ignoring the fact that you do not know what is the outcome of it and how it will change people and things and it may actually be what IS for the highest good of all concernec!

Can you accept that even if you don’t know why?

If you can and you can believe that there is a gift in everything (hey the higher gas prices is finally making car manufacturers get serious about alternative fuel, a ‘bad’ thing creating good things!) then you will no spend so much energy feeling heavy and sad, trying to change and more time creating what you want and finding it.