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Infinite Possibilities Party

By September 8, 2008Blog

I had a blast Saturday night! I invited a group of 12 friends over for a potluck dinner and whereas we can easily sit and talk and have a great time, I wanted to do something more exciting.

I got an inspired idea and sent out an email calling it an “Infinite Possibilities Party”. I love knowing that we are limitless, we have all possibilities available to us at all times and we are, ourselves, infinite! I also love what I do, because I get to inspire and open others to their limitless potential, to their deepest dreams and to help them see and feel it. Visualization, sensation enhancement and mind expansion are so fun and give people such a feeling of joy, excitement and possibility!

So I made up a sheet with 4-5 questions on it asking people things like “What is your ideal business, work, job? Where, with whom, how much and when do you work?” Everyone wrote down their dream life essentially and then one at a time someone would tell us about their dreams, their ideal life, love, relationships, house, projects, and we would help elicit more information and more detail from them. This helped that person see and feel their vision more clearly as well as helped them get clearer on the details and specifics of what they most likely had only thought of vaguely up till now. It also helped everyone else to get a clear picture of what this person wanted.

Then that person would close their eyes (actually what I loved that happened spontaneously was, everyone closed their eyes!!!). Then we would guide them into seeing and feeling their vision and anyone who wanted to could chime in. It would start by saying something like: “You are sitting on your patio looking out over your beach view as you wait for the investors who are going to give you a million dollars to build your healing community….you smell the salt air and feel the breeze on your skin, and as you breathe in deeply and feel the joy pour through you, your beloved walks up behind you and kisses you on the neck…”

Get the idea? You take their ideas, desires and you weave them into a vision they can feel, with all their senses. You add excitement and possibility and you help them not only see and feel it, but stay completely focused on it for at least one minute. Why? Because Law of attraction brings more energy and like minded thought forms to you and your vision the longer you hold only that thought in your mind!

Tomorrow I will share the questions and some stories, in the meantime, what are your infinite possibities?