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Find your Possibilities with a Coaching Session!

By September 9, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

Yesterday I told you about the fun and enlightening party I had Saturday:


The fun part is that you can expand your mind and really begin to feel like what you truly want IS a possibility. Most of us do not believe we can have what we want. It may be that we think no one ever gets what they want, or we are not good enough, worhty, smart, rich or slim enogh. We have so many negative thoughts in our minds and doubts and fears about who we are and if anyone will value us, that it makes it hard for the Universe and law of attraction to give us what we want.

Well we always get it, but we may not see it, or fully receive or enjoy it.

One person at  the party wanted to start a healing center where people could live in community in a beautiful natural setting and we helped her envision people loving it, coming to her and hugging her and thanking her for creating such an amazing place. We added details to make it real and full of sensations. We added investors who would love the idea and donate money so she could allow those to come who could not afford to pay. We told her we saw amazing healers and facilitators from all paths coming to volunteer because the place had such amazing energy.

We even added the perfect partner, loving, fun, like minded, romantic! She lite up as we told her how we could see and feel it and how wonderful it is!

If you want to begin to allow into your life experience true joy and your biggest dream desires, you need to start with worthiness. You need to be able to beleive that yo ucould have it and clear the blocks and beliefs that keep you from knowing, inside you, that it IS possible!

One way to do this, and to bring your vision to life like this is with my Ultimate Awareness Coaching sessions (go to I can help you get clear on why you aren’t getting the results in your life that you want. We can release old un-serving thoughts and beleifs, align your energy and even talk to your ego and find out how to get your ego working in unison with your highest desires.

My coaching sessions are on SALE right NOW! Anything you book in September is $80 per session, so check it out now!

Go to or send me an email to book a session: [email protected]

What do you have to lose? Well, lots of limiting beliefs, frustration and unhappiness for starters!!