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Were you criticized as a child?

By September 10, 2008Blog

Most of us were criticized as a child, in varying degrees. It seems to go with the territory. However, do you know that you still operate from the beliefs you created because of that? Imagine you are letting a 2, 4, or 8 year old child run your life, choose your feelings, your beliefs and your reactions!? Not really what you want to do?

Well, I don’t blame you! When I got my Master level hypnosis certification I had some very powerful realilzations as the class experienced session after session.

1. Almost all of our closely held convictions and beliefs were formed in childhood under the gae of 8.

2. Most adults still operate from these subconscious beliefs without really realizing it  and this is why they struggle to change, lose weight, make money, inf dlove, feel happy with themselves.

3. We block the stream of well being that flows freely throughout the Universe when  we do not believe we are worthy.

4. No amount of willpower or working hard will ever break these habits or change your life experience permanently.

You must make inner shifts to truly be able to change:

Find true love, make more money, lose weight, feel good about yourself, heal a disease…all these are available, you just have to clear what is in the way and that is inside you!

If you want to uncover these limiting beliefs that are running your life, then come experience an Ultimate Awareness Coaching Session with me! We can address any area of your life, any issue, and clear the root of it, so it it gone forever!

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