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Fluent Communication

By October 7, 2008Blog

I want to share a wonderful woman and her work with you. You know I have studied many paths, and I am all about tuning into your own energy, listening to your inner voice whisper and finding your own truth.
Well the fluency workshop I was at this weekend was wonderful and was facilitated by Marilyn Overcast, of “The Fluency Foundation”. Everyone there learned how to tune into their own inner guidance and even newbies got great results. We cleared beliefs and blocks to heal our emotions and release our mental blocks to living the life we desire.

Here is her website:

Here is what she says about fluency:

“Learning how to live in conscious awareness as part of this matrix and communicate with and from the Innate Wisdom within all life, one has the ability to achieve authentic thriving presence.  We learn about who we are, who we have been and who we are becoming. While practicing Fluent Communication, a universal system that never opposes itself, pain and suffering dissolve through identification and release of false belief systems. This process supports emergence from the seed of our existence. Joy is born as we blossom into authentic power. Natural beauty shines through our eyes as we realize our greatest potential. We are free.
– Marilyn Overcast
Fluent Communication
Founder and Facilitator”