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Your self worth = Your Wealth

By October 14, 2008Blog

I just completed a powerful and uplifting coaching session. My client felt so happy, light and excited at the end of the call. Such a HUGE shift from the beginning!

I think the issues we dealt with are universal, everyone has them, because at the core there are 2 issues:


In fact, I think trust depends on worthiness too…so the core issue everyone deals with is worthiness. However, no one really wants to talk about it, it’s not sexy, exciting, interesting. In fact, it feels like self pity and most people try to hide their feelings of lack of self worth, thinking they don’t want others to know, how “unworthy” they are!!

How strange, if you think about it!

Well, there’s som uch to discuss ont his topic, yet what I wantes to share just now is this:

“Your entire life experience, from health and body, to love to money wealth and happiness, is ALL a reflection of your level of self worth”

Your self worth = your physical expressions of worth. No one else can value, you for long, higher than you value yourself.

So look at this; if you lose a job, lose money, can’t seem to make enough money or don’t get a promotion, it is not anything outside of you, it is your internal self worth.

The Universe can bring you anything you say you want, but if you don;t know you are worthy of it, it just sits there...your lack of self worth and value keeps you from accepting it.

It IS as simple as it sounds, but for most not as easy.

Try starting here: look at what you do have in your life, and realize that is the level of your self worth right now….if it is in your life, you have allowed it in. Now choose to take the next step, allow in somethign a tiny bit higher…let yourself deserve a bit bigger thing, a bit more money, a little more openminded person…and once you get in the feeling of it, youwill see it standing at your door, then you can invite it in and enjoy it.

Stay focused on the joy, enjoyment of it, not on the doubts or worries “willit show up” or “it will go away”…

Here is a quote from God through Neale Donald Walsh I read just after my awesome coaching session with a client…it is PRICELESS!!

...that the biggest question in life is, How much good

can you accept?

Good is flowing to you every day.  How much of it

you experience depends on how much of it you can

accept. And how much of it you can accept depends

upon how ‘worthy’ you believe that you are.

God, of course, knows the answer to this. You are

worthy of all the good in the Universe. How about

you? Do you believe that?

If you want to shift those negative beliefs, open the floodgates to joy, love and money, rediscover your lightness, trust and self worth, let me help

Ultimate Awareness Coaching