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My wish for you

By November 12, 2008Blog

I have been pondering my wishes, my desires for how I want to feel and act and be in each moment. I felt moved to send you a wish as well, so here it is from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul:

My wish for you is you float and frolic and play in a sea of calm, peace, joy and delight. Each day you wake up with a smile in your heart and as you stretch, the golden light of possibility and joy moves through you. As you rise to begin your day, I see you moving into a field of lights, all opportunities and delicious surprises that have been created just for you…

As you step into this field of your, abundant, realized dreams…you relax and feel good all over…feeling love moving through each cell and flowing freely through your move with ease, grace and purpose. As you encounter people and situations in your day, you remain fully present, feeling a sense of camaraderie…people you meet are friendly and uplifting. You see possibilities everywhere and you notice, easily when something or someone peaks your interest… taking time to look into it, knowing it is a sign post from the Universe. Peeking into the prolific prosperity that awaits you at every turn…

As you follow these clues from spirit, your life flows, doors open and you move through them easily, trusting that each step you take is the ideal one for you, right now, right here. You take each situation and look for the golden opportunity within it knowing you are on your journey, and the journey is the joy.

My wish for you is to honor yourself and put your needs and desires first, empowering and energizing you to move through each day as a loving, powerful being of light, aligned with your heart, open to your adventure and basking in the thrill. Take each step today as a fully self realized being, in your space and seeing through eyes of appreciation. Feel the beauty within you, and live so as to project that beauty into the world with openness… receiving your bounty and fully immersing yourself in it

Much love, Nan

One Comment

  • Tia Griffith says:

    Incredible! That’s all I could think of while reading what you wrote, as your wish for me. I’m gonna print it out and paste it on the fridge so I can repeatedly read it over and over and over. I’m going through some struggles now, physically, mentally, and financially. Soon they will all be in the past, I will have my mind movie complete and start my coaching classes, and turn my life around, I can’t wait. Finally, I’m beginning to look forward to tomorrows instead of dreading the new day. so much difference. Thank You for all you do. Tina