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See yourself from the inside out…

By November 13, 2008Blog

Want a most empowering new perspective? Hang on for this….

View yourself from the inside out, not the outside in…

Does that make sense to you, do you get it? This is very, very powerful, so tune in, focus… we can improve our vision, literally and metaphorically with this new persepctive to BE from, see from. We can improve our perception, our experiences and power, by standing in ourselves and looking outward, feeling out, expanding our space from in the center, in our inner being.

We see and judge ourselves all the time because we are outside of ourselves, our true self, which is at our core. When we are outside of ourselves, we are out of alignment with who we are, and we see ourselves from other people’s perspectives. This gives us a false and very skewed view of who we are. And of course we are not successful and happy when we are outside of ourselves trying to control who we are from that place! It can’t ever be controled or even guided form outsdie. We have to go within, into our true self and then express out from that core of our soul.

We are in the center of our existence. We are actually, the center of our own world, and like a planet that with it’s own personal gravitational pull, attracts, pulls to it, other stars, planets and so on, we do the same. We pull into our magnetic gravitational field the people, circumstances, things, and experiences that show up in our lives.

From this new perspective, being in the center and looking outward, you are coming from your core. From here we can feel calm, power, peace, relaxed focus, and begin to send our awareness out into the spaces around us, to choose, not feel buffeted about by life’s experiences!

Take a moment and feel your core, move into your soul awareness and feel and see how you are the center of your field…then  begin to expand the space around you….the space you feel into, from your inner space, and see and be yourself from the inside out….

Feel more focused, clear, aware, in the moment and very much more in control in the drivers/creators seat in your life…