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A vision from soul

By November 14, 2008Blog

I sat and relaxed, into the beautiful surroundings, into the soulful music playing…Ella. I began to move out of my mind and into my sensory field. As I tuned in to the feelings and perceptions moving into my energy field, and how good the feelings were running… I melted into the joy I was feeling…mmm… it felt so good! I really wanted to move into the feeling of feeling good and stay there…

Suddenly, A very vivid image flashed into my mind! I saw:

I was standing in front of two very tall, green hedges, and an iron gate, 3 times my height, covered in vines, you could not see through. I felt as if I had been waiting at this gate for a very long time, hunting for the key.

As the gates glided open easily I felt like I had found the key and the gate was now, forever, open for me. It felt wonderful and very relaxed. As the gates parted,  a long, beautiful boulevard was revealed. Lined with trees, the wide path, led up a slight incline, and was dotted with sidewalk cafes and lights. At the end was…The Arc de Triumph!!!

My heart jumped with excitement, I love Paris, I want to live there…I have triumphed!! Trickles of energy sprinkled through me. How perfect! I have opened the door to my personal path to inner power, joy, love, success…TRIUMPH!. It is clear and open, I can see the way! It is elegant, luxurious, beautiful… ! Ahhh, I am home.

Perfect! I see my desire to live in Paris is there, it is lined up to me! We are in alignment and now it is only about moving from there to here…yes I said that intentionally. From there to here, I am not moving towards my goal, I am bringing it to me… BE-coming one with it. That is how you create… you attract, you become a gravitational field…see yourself as a planet that attracts what you want. You stay in the center and you move your awareness out to seek what you like, choose and move back into your core, your center. Then you merge with it…feeling and experiencing from the INSIDE OUT what it is like to be, have and do those things!

I could see that all the things I had been envisioning, imagining, thinking about were aligned down this boulevard. As I now, take steps along this boulevard… aligning with all I have asked for, I move into it with my awareness, my being first, and I become it. I become comfortable with what it feels like to move to Austin, Paris, or to lead groups of soul expansion seekers, to sacred places all over the world. To access ever higher planes of awareness, experience, and limitless expressions of joy. To easily have what I love most.

I am at peace, I feel so calm and loved and blissful, I have aligned with my vision and I have cleared the path, I am stepping into my new life fully and am going to be totally immersed in the journey, fun fun fun!

Thank you Thank You Thank You !