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Do you find what you look for?

By December 6, 2008Blog

As you may know, if you follow my blogs or classes or me on twitter (I am joyfulnan in case you want to follow me on twitter…say hi!) that my co-facilitator in the “Hot Holiday Cash & Survival Tool Kit” class, Catherine Behan ( has manifested over $1450 in two days after my holiday money clearing/reconnection during our first class. (You can hear the class, and money visualization, for free here Hot Holiday Cash… who knows what $$$$ you will attract!).

I have manifested some cash, and A LOT of opportunities, which to me are money’s gifts as well, as they light up my path to riches and joy.

The key here, is LOOKING for it. After the money activations, and setting our mindset for the best holiday ever, with joy and celebration energy, Catherine has been actively looking for the money and the clues to show up. This is soooo important! I know I have blogged at least 2x before on this topic. Looking for what you want…expecting it to be there. In the class we discussed how this month will be like a treasure map and you will have gifts from money, joy and more along the way. You are required to put yourself in the happy, joyful, expectant mood of knowing there are gifts for you out there and keeping your eyes, and awareness open.

Yes, it sounds simple. Every powerful thing in the world IS simple. So let go of the need for things to be hard, complicated and take a long time, that’s a great thing to give up believing in, isn’t it? You get to choose what you think, feel and believe, so why not choose that the Universe, money and more gives you surprise gifts all the time. All you have to do is be ready and willing to receive them…and then LOOK. They are there… I think you are getting warmer already!