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Happy Birthday to me

By December 13, 2008Blog

It’s my birthday today! Yea! I am a big celebrator… I love to celbrate life, birthdays, everything!

SO why am I bloggin and telling you it’s my birthday? Well, to be honest I want not going to open my computer all weekend, and yet, I am up early, happy, skipping around the house. I am admiring the gorgeous pink roses my beloved gave me and thinking about my romatic night last night. My honey took me to a wonderful italian restuarant, and we pretended we were in Venice again (we were there this summer….wonderful… and pre-flood!). He gave me some lovely earrings and made me feel incredibly loved and appreciated.

So I had vivd dreams all night, and I woke up happy and feeling a heightened sense of awareness of how wondrous life is. I wanted to share that with someone, my honey is still asleep…and I plan to go back there after this!

The reason I want to share is that I am a naturally ahppy person. I prefer feeling happy and in general I am in a positive mood and see the good in life. However, like most people, I have had my share of trauma, dram and pain. I have become aware lately that I have been under a very dark cloud, deeply buried for about 3 years. I went throught the most horrendous divorce, that also took my real estate investment business down and much more. Beleive me when I say, it was a huge crash and mt family turned their back on me as well. All in all it was extreme.

However, for the last year I have flet better and each day I grow more joyful and clear on my path and more in tune with who I am. It was not until the last month or so that I came out of the fog far enough to really understand how far under I was. I began to realize that the joy I have been feeling is very low volume compared to what is usual for me in my life.

And that joy is cming back, and it feels so good, and I want to be in it all the time and I stay up ;late just basking in the bliss! So I was feeling another step closer to my bliss, and I felt so happy about it.

I also have come into a new level of knowing who I am. Do you know what I mean? I think on many levels, because of the depth of the pain I have gone through, I am emerging a whole new butterfly from my cocoon. And I like it. It is more me, more in tune to that inner source me that is bliss, and joy, and abundance. I am getting a deeper, more rela and profound experience of life, and I love it! My visions and knowings are so much deeper. My energy is richer, my perspective re newed and truly in tune with my inner being. It is delicious!

So, thank you all for being a part of my journey, my inner explorations and my growth. Working one on one with you, teaching classes and interacting with all you amazing beings, is my true joy and enhances my own personal growth on this path. I thank you, honor you, appreciate you and I encourage you to CELEBRATE your life unfolding in a marvelous and joyful way!