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Nan’s Manifestation Equation

By December 15, 2008Blog

“…that you need to make a commitment, and once you
make it, then life will give you some answers.”
Les Brown

Ever want answers from life? Me too! Well, I have been receiving some wonderful answers form life lately. Why? Because I am being still and expecting the answers.

I really enjoy meditating, and visualizing and have been in a very intense phase where I spend hours each day in a dreamy state where I see and feel my life the way I am creating it to be. As you probably know, this is the manifestation equation. So here is my simple formula or “Manifestation Equation” for getting answers from life. Be aware, there are some things to do that align you in the best possible way to not only getting answers, but then stepping into the living of your dream.

Nan’s Manifestation Equation

Begin by relaxing and letting go of all the tension in your bodies” mental, physical and emotional. Drop your awareness down out of your mind and into your heart. Do this till you are truly relaxed and in the moment.

Then make a commitment to yourself to:
1. Let go any thoughts and beliefs that do not support who you truly are in this moment.
2. To be open, willing and receptive to the answers, the guideposts to light your path and to receiving the actual manifestations of your desires.
3. Go deep into the core of who you are, and make your choices form this place. Choose to honor and believe in your VALUE, your WORTH and your right to BE your true self.

Once you are in this space, start the process, take as long as you can, but 5 minutes is enough if you can’t spend more time.

1. Choose (ask) what you want, based from your core, and describe as specifically as you can at this time.

2. See (in your mind’s eye) what you want, in as great a detail as you can, Build on it each time, adding people, place details, smells, opportunities and more to the vision.

3. Feel (in all your senses as well as in your energy field) how it feels to have, be and do what you are asking for.
Step into the “movie” and make it as real as you can in your body (how it feels to be there, look like that, wear that, how you move, walk, carry yourself)

4. Let the “Holographic Movie” you have created go…watch, enjoy and feel good.

5. Feel happy and grateful for what you are/have and say “thank you, thank you, thank you” as often as you think of it, while truly feeling appreciative

Carry the wonderful feelings with you as long as you can. Repeat to insure you stay in those feelings no matter what you are doing. Carrying the feelings of having, being or doing what you are asking for with you brings it into your daily reality more quickly. Being in the state of knowing it is yours and feeling it, will bring you the pleasure now and the actuality sooner.

GO for it!