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Magic is in the air

By December 24, 2008Blog

Can you feel the change? It is all around you, it is within you, it is electric!

Stop….be still… you can feel it if you just stay quiet for a minute or two….feel the soft air around you and the excited energy flowing all about. The energy is happy, fun, festive and joyful. It is delightful and delicious and worth taking a minute to feel.

What am I talking about? The holiday energy…everyone is getting ready, feeling excitement for the presents, the parties, the food, the fun. People are more open, more happy and despite anything that is going on, more hopeful.

The kids are electric with energy, ready to get their hands on the gifts, anticipating Santa coming.

It is so joyful, so wonderul….so uplifting. I love it. I wish all year everyone had this kind of energy, happy and hopefu, generous and giving. What would we need to do to carry this energy into our daily lives? Well, let’s see…

I guess we would have to be as excited about each day as we are about Chritmas or Hannukah.

We would have to expect presents al the time, not just ertain time sof the year.

We would need to be joyfully anticipating each day as filled with loving happy people and fesive activities.

We would need to relish the idea of giving to others, those we know and those we don’t.

We would want to feel grateful and appreciate people, what we have and what we know is coming to us.

We would have to be magnificent receivers, always open and deserving of wonderful surprises and more!

We would live in a state of expectant joy, knowing fun, love, happiness and more are just around the corner…

Imagine your life if you lived this each day!! Why not? I am going to put it into my intention….and I am sure what will happen is magic! Magic will be in the air each day and I will see and receive allthat I desire, because it is there and I am expecting, grateful and open to it.

Feel the magic and step into it….