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Pick a theme for 2009 and watch magic happen!

By December 29, 2008Blog

“However, it can often be easier to follow the path of least resistance and just keep hanging out with the same under-achieving friends or non-supportive family members.” Mari Smith

I liked this blog by Mari Smith, a wonderful woman who teaches ‘relationship marketing’, like how to use facebook. It is about a theme for 2009. I also do this and find it very powerful!
So what is your theme? We all have tried resolutions and they are mostly negative these days. Most of us having had so many resolutions die on the vine very quickly. So why not choose to pick a theme or focus for the year, and then use it as your framework for the choices you make all year.
A theme is nice, because it gives you something to use when making decisions, choices and goals. It guides you when you aren’t sure if something is best for you and it helps you have an intentional focus.
That is the real power to me. You will begin to see more and more people, opportunities and circumstances show up that fit your theme. You will be amazed and delighted. You will have the Universal power behind you, because you have chosen to be specific and intentional. You will not only draw to you perfect solutions, but you will be open and receptive to them. You will be choosing and committing to be the receiver of all the good that shows up in that area.
So knowing all this, what is your theme? I am playing with a few and I will share mine with you when it is solid, in a day or two.
Last year I choose 2 areas of life I wanted to see major shifts in: Health and Wealth. I was tickled all year as I would sit to contemplate what had been happening and realize what had showed up in those areas!
This year I am launching “The Muse”… an inspired life creates extraordinary life!” My focus is to guide people who are truly ready to change their relationship wit money, and therefore most everything, in a powerful, transformative way unique to them and with fast extraordinary results. This will then move into designing the ideal you” and your unparalleled lifestyle and tasty lovelife.
So in one way my theme is Money, Love and Lifestyle. Yet my real focus is on EXTRAORDINARY, whether in those areas, in my business or in my body.  So that may be my theme. I researched ‘exceptional’, ‘exquisite’, ‘outstanding’ and more…and the response from most everyone was they preferred ‘extraordinary’.
I like the feel of it…extraordinary life, business, health, love, cashflow, wealth, travel, friends, experiences, joy…hmmm
Please share yours and sign up for my FREE class on Jan where we will discuss 2009 and all the amazing things that await you. Love, money, lifestyle of your dreams, and how you cna really, truly make it happen, now!