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What flavor is your new year?

By January 2, 2009Blog

Happy New Year! I have been hanging with   friends. I have noticed some interesting things. I blogged about picking a theme for your year. This is very fun and profound, and not setting resolutions. So as I am observing, for my own year, and interacting with loved ones, I noticed some things I thought I would share.

First, I had a new years eve party….and nearly everyone was sick! NO really!!! 10 people canceled due to being sick, and that does not include a few who did not respond, and I found out after, it was because they were…yes, sick! Then 2 of the people  who actually showed up didn’t come till 10 and 11pm, because they were ‘sick’!!!!

Now that is funny and bizarre… but it makes me think things much deeper are afoot! For starters, i though, wow, what a horrible way to start a new year…’sick’! What kind of a tone is that to set for your year?! I know, some of you are thinking, but they didn’t choose it, getting sick just happens, its not their fault. WRONG! Sorry, but I don;t believe that. I haven’t for years, and it is very empowering when you realize you choose and attract even that.

So I pondered why so many people are choosing to feel off center starting the new year. Is it the so called recession, bad economy? Is it all the negativity in the media and politics, war and such? Is it lack of hope or faith that the new year will bring great things?  Hmmm… in real reality, none of those things can actually touch us, unless we buy into it. If you believe it, well, it IS true for you. If you truly don’t, it isn’t. It can be a challenge to stay positive and energetic when you are surrounded by negative news, and people who talk about it, live it and feel controlled by it. I know, believe me, I know!

What about choosing a new flavor for 2009? A new taste for your life, your perspective and your friends. What if you decided to believe that you can choose the flavor of your life. Like you choose an ice cream flavor? Well, in my experience, this is true for me, and when I don’t pay attention to my thoughts, feelings, people I spend time with and my intention, life can start to taste pretty awful! Notice, though, that I said ‘pay attention’… life will choose for you, so to speak, if you are not aware of your state of mine, emotion and body. I prefer to choose myself, cause I gag on bad tastes!

So what can you do to consciously and powerfully choose a new flavor for the new year? let’s see:

1. Decide to be aware of the flavor of your thoughts…are they happy, uplifting, promising, exciting…delicious?

Choose to think and ‘self-talk’ (the inner talk in your head about yourself and things that happen) loving, empowering thoughts. DO they Taste good?

That means do they make you feel good, feel yummy, warm, do you proclaim..”mmm, wow, that is so delicious! I would love to have that more often!”

Who do you spend time with? Fun, positive, people who are out intentionally creating their lives and who thin this year will be fantastic? Do you feel warm and fuzzy when you are with them?

How do you feel about money? Your body?

Do you feel like you can handle anything or are you afraid of your emotions? Do your emotions guide you, and show you where you are and give you an indication that you are on or off track? Do they feel scrumptious and succulent?

Start with looking at these areas of your life and if it’s not a tasty dish, look at why. Replace it with what you like and what is delectable and mouth watering.

I am intent on having a delicious year…with yummy money, tasty love and mouth watering experiences! Want o join me?

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