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Light up signs from the Universe

By January 8, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog

Don’t you love it when the Universe gives you lots of wonderful signs?! Mmmm mmm good! I have gotten so many wonderful signs from the Universe this week, it has gone from delight to outright thrills!!!images

Do you look for and appreciate the signs the Universe gives you you? Do you know what I mean?

Well, let’s talk about it…I believe that the Universe (actually Multiverses) lines up a multitude of pathways for us, to lead us to what we want. We have made it clear what we strongly desire, and so all around us, on micro to macro levels, the conscious energies of the Universe (Quantum physics) is lining up actual events, people, places, opportunities, hints, encouragements and surprises that all lead us to what we have asked for. So I always strongly recommend that you LOOK for what you want, what you have asked for. Every day, in deed perhaps every moment of every day, there are signs, signals, messages, coming to you , all around you as you go about your day. These are meant to encourage you, direct you, guide you, insppire you and lead you to whatever is the doorway to your ideal life.

This is why I always believe even in rough times, that it is worth experiencing the moment fully and being willing to move toward your heart centered knowing. It always leads me to the goodies! Leads me to a place, person or situation that gives me what I wanted. So with all these clues going on, you would lthink our lives would all flow smoothly….hmmm. Well, we know the answer to that, mostly people are not looking noticing, present. Mostly there is distraction, emotions pulling your focus away, negativity , depression, overwhelm, disappointment. Giving our focus and energy to these things takes away our sharpness, we literally do not see things right in  front of us.

But if you DO pay attention, if you do INTEND to see what you want, and you notice the fun, happy people and signs, you get to flow more easily. If you appreciate the wonderful things that happen to you each day, no matter how small, you see more and get more. The more you see, the easier it gets, the more fun you have, the more magical life is. And of course, you get to the goodies sooner!!

So I am moving to Austin next month. I can’t begin to tell you all the emotional, mental, family, divorce and other issues I have had to overcome, or rather process and release, to get to this point. It feels like I have climbed an etheric mount Everest. Trust me, I need all the encouragment, guidance and uplifting I can get over this. So this week I really put my intention on being in the moment, being open and receptive to the signs, the guidance to continue on and what to do next. Not only that but I have asked all along that the Universe clear the path and open doors for me if it is meant to be. WOW! I love it when this happens!

A friend in Austin surprised us and was so kind, offered, to come down here and help us pack! It felt like Universe was reaching out a helping hand and pulling us up into Austin. (Feel trapped where I am).  I watched David Letterman last night and he raved about Austin, and had an Austin band on, never seen that before! Money is showing up in record numbers to ease the way. People involved in the big picture scene of my life are pushing or pulling and it is all coming out to then create a perfect scenario for the next step. It is so fun and so fascinating!  Clients are showing up in miraculous ways and  opportunities are popping up. It is like a fantasy land! I am saying “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” all day! My them for the year “Extraordinary and Delicious” is already giving fruit!

What signs have you seen that this will be an extraordinary and delicious year for you?