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Juice up the power of your affirmations

By January 20, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog

Do affirmations work? 991831_zen_moonThis is such an interesting question. Have you asked it? Have you pondered it?

I have used affirmations for 20 years. I have used them diligently, daily, and hardly at all. I have repeated them verbally, said them into a mirror, recorded them on an audio and played them as I fell asleep. I have written them over, I have printed them and pasted them on my walls, mirrors and doors. I am a big believer in repetition.  It works.

So…do they work? Well, Yes they do. Well for some, not at all for most. It is not the most powerful tool I have found but it has wonderful qualities that I use to enhance other tools I utilize. It needs a boost. Affirmations alone will get you what you want, you just maybe real old when you get it! However, there is a way to pump up the volume. There is more that I ask of a tool, because I want extraordinary results. How powerful fast, easy and fun are they? That is my criteria, right? Fun, easy, quick. Do they create miracles, or just help you see the path to the door you want to open? Do you have to say them out loud, or write them down? To get really great results do  you have to visualize or feel them? Do you have to repeat them over and over, many times a day? Are they make believe, something do to make them feel better and think they are in control of their lives, so they can cope?

Here’s the keys to a supercharged affirmation, one that works. First you have to know how to use it and when. What it means and what your intent, focus is. Why are you using affirmations? What outcome did you think it would help you achieve? Because you want something to change. Because you want something you don’t have (more money, a car…), you don’t want something you do have ( extra weight, a bad habit…).

An affirmation is a seed, or what I call a statement of limitless potential. It is specifying the essence, feeling and experience you desire, and it helps you focus, and tune in to it. the It is crafting a way of saying, seeing and feeling what you wish to have, be or do.A certain inner landscape is optimal for affirmations. You must feel good when using one. You must believe it will work, it will help you clarify and therefore begin to tune in to how it will feel and be when this is your current reality. If you do it to make something happen and you just repeat it over and over and hope something shows up, you have diluted it’s power. You must work on suspending your disbelief long enough to start to let yourself imagine, pretend what it will feel like and get it clear in your mind.

You must know what your purpose is in saying one. It’s not to make it happen, it is to make it clear, refine the details, merge with the feeling, see it and get excited about it coming. An affirmation is the tunnel you can walk thru, that defines the space within which you create the ‘practice’ of moving into it. You create your reality by living in to the life you want. An affirmation guides the way, it enhances your feelings of it, it reminds you of what you asked for and to look for it, feel it. You are tuning in to an experience that is out there and this helps you tune your dial to the same frequency.

You can make an affirmation more powerful. To me I never use them alone. They take too long. If you are doing repetitive reading, saying or writing of an affirmation, I wish you would ask yourself why? Do you not believe it will work and so you want to be keep asking? Are you afraid the Universe has not heard you? Doesn’t really know what you want? (I used to think that one!) Here is a really common mistake; repeating. I know from my own experience, repeating something, initially, or perhaps a long time later for a tune up so to speak, is a great way to use affirmations.  But repeating from desperation, worry, lack of trust, or thinking this has  to be hard work, will not enhance or help you at all. You are giving off an energy of distrust and you are saying “I don’t think you heard me, or I don’t think I deserve to be heard, or I need to   clear so you really know what I want”. Lack of trust is a repelling energy. We want to exude inviting energies. Attractive energies.

An affirmation is a tool to help you move into the feeling of having and being what you desire. So you speed up the manifestation time when you say it with feeling. Practice feeling it, seeing and smelling it. Let the power and energy of the word, images and concepts wash through you, feel it in different parts of your body. This is full body affirmation! Act, walk, hold yourself like your affirmation…like the person you have to BE in order for this to become your reality. Say it while feeling your energy moving out to draw in the exact things, people, situations, connections you require to make manifest your idea. If it’s dry, painful or feels like work and boring, stop it! It isn’t helping.

The only time I do recommend doing affirmations when they feel uncomfortable, is when you are first moving into a reality you have not been familiar with much. Like saying I love you into the mirror (or at all). Or telling yourself you are beautiful and have a slender, sexy body when all you are seeing is your current out of shape one. I do think there is benefit in doing this just for the power in getting comfortable saying it. If you are so disconnected and embarrassed by it, this is a great way to start. Especially if you want more money and you feel really scared asking for it or believing you are worth asking a bigger fee or salary for..practice saying it till it does not make you cringe or shrink away. until your inner talk shuts up and stops saying “yeah, right”.

when I am in bed. Then I look at them read them and feel them as I go to sleep and when I wake up. Going to sleep while feeling and visualizing an affirmation is very powerful. Whenever you can get past the conscious mind, you are programming into the subconscious mind and this is a much more direct way. Saying an affirmation over has a little power, but it has to break thru the wall of the conscious mind, which is way too buy yacking away to listen. This is why doing an affirmation as you begin to meditate and then letting it guide your meditation, is also very effective, and really fun. To me it is like getting on a train ride and talking into the unknown, I love to see where I go in the meditation. Asking a question that will help guide you to knowing more about the path to your desire empowers an affirmation too.

SO I want to end by sharing some of my affirmations that came true, and often in amazing ways. You may have read I am moving to Austin soon. Well, 2 years ago I plastered “Austin” cut our from magazines,  all over my vision board. I am amazed it happened because the way I saw and thought I wanted it to happen kind of dies out a year ago and I movedd to a new vision board, thinking that had just been what I wanted at the time, and nwo I had other things I wanted and I let it go. As moving now, came into focus it was awhile til I remembered that vision board and I was tickled and amazed.

I put up calenders with pictures of Italy and the countryside in Tuscany in my house one year. I did it more because I like to surround myself with beautiful things and I love Italy, and always want to go back. It did not start out with me having any intent of “I am going here this year”. So repetition was very unintentional. I had no plans and saw no way of going to Italy that year, and so I was amazed when we got invited to Italy and specifically to spend 2 weeks in a villa on a vineyard in Tuscany. One day, after I began to plan the trip, I walked past one of the calenders and stopped dead. They had been up for 11 months, so I didn’t notice them as much. I stood in amazement, just looking at it. I was stunned I had manifested a trip there, without any effort other than having the images in my view daily and appreciating the beauty and wonder of it.

Share yours 🙂