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Free Your Mind

By February 11, 2009March 10th, 2019Blog

Free your mind… and the rest will follow!


Imagine what it would be like if you really had a free mind! What does that mean? Freeing your mind, to me, is about letting go of fear and worry. Letting go of others opinions. Letting go of constant chatter in your mind about negative things that suck all y our energy. Stopping the flow of negative “what if’s”. It means having a mind that is in your control…not one that is running away with fearful fantasy’s and distracting you.

Yesterday I did the second “Ask Your Money Muse” call. It was fantastic! I got so passionate about what i do I almost cried! It is soo important to me that people get free from fear and false beliefs. It is so vital to having a life you love and enjoy. I talk about money a lot, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that means I think money is the most important thing…not by any stretch of the imagination!

In fact we are so bound up in our emotions and beliefs over money that the fact that so many people think that by talking about money it means you are superficial, not spiritual and don;t care a bout others! What a load of crap! Why would anyone want money, just to have money? Silly! I want SOOOOO much for you to get this: freedom from money issues and worries is a step into freeing your mind and living a life of love, joy and inner peace! Being happy and feeling good are ALWAYS our motivation. We never do anything except if we think it will avoid pain or get us pleasure. Period. So what I am doing with my classes and coaching is finding the BEST ways to help you free your mind. Free yourself form the ties that bind you around money.

You may even have money and stil have some issues around it. If you would clear those… imagine how amazing you would feel! You could enjoy your life, your wealth, your loved ones, your business, your vacations…all with more presence and feeling! Freeing yoru mind is about freeing up the energy you waste on worry and fear. Freeing up your energy and time spent wondering and worrying, gives you more ability to be in the moment and savor the richness of your life experience! That is what life is all about. Really being fully present, mind, body and spirit, in all that you do. Seeing and feeling the wonderful sensations of life and beign storng, energetic and calm enough to really capture the moment and merge with it.

Life is meant to be fun, joyful, happy. We all seek that, no matter what else you have heard. We are not here to suffer, be tested, learn any particular lesson (unless you choose to) or undo wrongs or even pay back karma! We are MASTERS! We are the creators fo the world! We are the ones who actually create all that you see and experience! Being the master of your life, means easily creating your own reality, right now. You are doing it anyway! Why not be conscious about it? Take that awareness and go deeply into your feelings and experiences! When you feel pain, worry, joy or any emotions, go into it! Go into it like an explorer! Be the master of your life, free your mind and merge with your life in a whole new way!

I am here to help you do that…check out my Total Wealth Transformation Course…it will literally free your mind and give you unbounded energy, clarity, focus and joy like you have never experienced! AND you get a coachig session with me, worth almost as much as the cost of the whole class! And a satisfaction guarantee that makes the whole class totally risk free for you…all you have to do is sincerely show up and want to change! Come on…what are you waiting for? Change your life now…free your mind!