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Want inner peace with money?

By February 23, 2009March 12th, 2009Blog

You want to feel good, right? Duh, Nan, of course!
So then, why aren’t you changing your relationship with money?

“Nan,  After listening to several of your recordings, many of them multiple times I have to tell you that there is something more powerful, more tangible when you do your processes on a live call.  I can’t really describe the difference to you but I feel it deeply.  I am excited to continue working with you! “ Catherine Behan

Master your money mind Class starts tomorrow

Inner peace, happiness, love, joy, purpose, fulfillment, significance…. we all want it. That is our real ‘why’…it is what our soul wants and what motivates us to do ANYTHING. Period. No exceptions. I know you want to go to bed feeling happy, relaxed and drift into a deep sleep with a smile on your lips. Feeling safe, and excited what tomorrow will bring. I know you want to wake up happy. Wake up feeling like this day is full of potential, profitable surprises and fun experiences. I know you want to move thru each day, in a state if peace, connection, meaning, and love. I know you want this, and I know it is possible. If is why we are here. To sample experiences, feelings, and keep choosing to BE what feels good.

So , if your Money situation is not what you want…in any way. If you want to expand your income or business, change careers, start a business, take classes, give to charity, start a foundation, help your kids or parents, but feel you can’t. If you want more income, a better job, freedom from anxiety and self doubt about finances, more cashflow… then you do not have inner peace with Money. You can be a millionaire or have $10 to your name… anyone can keep changing and improving their relationship with money. What we all really want is happiness, inner peace. The money, income, job, business, ability to help others, anything we want money for, is not for the money, it is for the joy, the inner peace.

So now you know that financial freedom means inner peace and happiness. It is how you feel not what you have. It is who you are, not what you make. Feeling calm, confident and fulfilled is our ultimate goal. You can achieve this, because you are in control of your feelings! You choose your thoughts, the meaning you give to things and situations, and the energy to empower what you decide to believe. Feeling good is a choice, and each one of us are the only ones who can make that choice for ourselves. If we do not choose joy, love, self worth, looking forward, feeling good, inner peace, we get whatever is most ‘loud’ in our environment. If you do not watch the way you think adn feel, especially about ourselves, we get a stressful, confusing experience. Hy not choose to take command now?

I am helping people to be able to attend the Total wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse class, starting tomorrow, Feb 24th. I am helping because I know that when you are ready to let go of the past, focus on what you want and take charge of your life you can transform for real. The first thing to understand is you need to be sure you are totally committed to change and come to the class with passion and an absolute decision you need to change now. Not ‘maybe’, not ‘I hope’, not ‘will this be the one that works’….come to theis class with a “HELL YES!”

I have designed this class and the supporting bonuses, like free coaching and audios to get started right now, to create deep, core changes and give you the most support and tools to transform now. In 5 weeks, you will not recognize yourself..if you come with a “Hell Yes!” attitude. I want to help you too…if you think you are ready to do what you need to do to make the shifts in your relationship with money and feel that inner peace, extra energy. Contact me at [email protected], tell me what you want to do and why. Join us now, and begin to move into that state of happiness, satisfaction, joy…inner peace. Free your mind… and the wealth will follow… and the inner peace, joy and love. Claim yours now, it’s waiting for you.

Master your money mind
Class starts tomorrow

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