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Find your inner cruise ship

By February 27, 2009Blog

What an exceptional week! I love my life!!

How is your week? Can you say that about it? How do you feel? It is all about the feeling…it is amazing, we can so easily distract ourselves. We can let our minds and our ‘should’s and ‘what will he/she think?” get in the way of how we truly feel.
How we feel, deep inside ourselves, is everything. Have you heard that before? Most likely. Does it makes sense to you though? Can you really say that you give your inner FEELING top priority? Most people don’t. It is because we are trained away. Away from our inner voice, our true feelings, who we are in our essence and divine state.  From day one it is all about doing, pleasing, appearing productive, caring, ‘decent’ (what a horrible word!!). We jumped on a treadmill of learning and living up to what everyone and society wants and we have been running to keep up ever since.

Interestingly enough, most people do not even know they are doing that. They are so focused on trying to ‘keep up’ with all the should’s and pleasing the boss, spouse, kids, parents, community, that there is not even time to notice how out of sync they are. If you cannot truly sayhow wonderful you feel, how geat your life, job, realtionships etc. are, then you are ont he treadmill and your mind is running your lilfe.

I have mentioned before that the part of our brain that talks the most and thinks all the time is only the size of a peanut, physically. Imagine that, a peanut is running your life! You have all the rest of your brain taking a back seat to the loud, pushy, over compensating, socially honored logical mind. Kind of like life, the loud pushy people get the attention! This small part of you is not meant to be in charge. It is time to take back your mind, your life and your feelings.

Tuning in to how we feel, internally, is soooooo powerful and transformative! It is not what you ‘think’ it is…ha ha! Truly…moving in to your core center and feeling into who you really are, seems simnple, and yet it is the most powerful thing you can do. So, what if you took a few hours, a day or even a week and you chose to not DO anything, unless you totally align with it inside you. You only took action if it made you FEEL relaxed, effortless, happy.

Start by taking time to tune into your self. Find that place within you where you feel like you are effortlessly relaxed and yet moving forward. I will share with you an image a  coaching client had today, so you can get an idea what I mean. She felt like she was sitting on a deck chair, near the water level on a cruise ship. As she relaxed in the chair the ship was moving forward, she could hear the water rushing past and she knew and trusted that the ship was moving forward and going exactly where it is supposed to. She felt totally at peace, laying there, no need to ‘do’ anything, even though others were moving past and doing things. She felt effortless peace and inner alignment. This is where you want to be.

Find your own image, find your own space and feelings that bring you that in tune, effortless, totally relaxed feeling. Then when something comes into your life and you are confused or unsure, you can move in to that space and then invite that scenario you are unsure about into that space with you. You will know right way whether it is what is best for you or not. When you get used to feeling that good feeling, you will know when something is not in alignment with you. You will know right away whether it expands who you are and that feeling of effortlessness, or not. This is living from your true self. This is aligned living, and this is power. It is simple and less ‘active’ than what most of us are used to. Yet, the real ‘work’ in our lives, is all internal. Tuning in to the feeling of inner peace and joy and finding what enhances that, that is guidance.

It was my 3rd anniversary with my beloved boyfriend and soulmate, Chris. I have had such a week filled with love, kindness and joy. Softness and allowing myself to just be and enjoy and immerse myself in his love. I have felt more health, focus, clarity, inner peace and relaxed joy than in a long time. I am following that feeling into amazing opportunities. Because the more I tune in to that feeling, the more ‘doors’ open up for me, all around, in business, love, health, all areas of life. That is proof that inner alignment is the real ‘job’. Do that work… BEing…  and the rest will effortlessly line up. Let the cruise ship take you where you want to go while you relax into your life.